This is a guest post. The writer of this article is Ronald Thomas, who is a professor and also delivers motivational speeches in educational seminars.  He also works as student organization counselor. 

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re doing great or just fine? Oh yes! There is a lot of difference in these both expressions.

Avoid Settling For Mediocrity In Educational Life

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Being great means that you’re doing some good things in your life and enjoying it to fullest. Whenever you answer a ‘How are you doing?’ a question with enthusiasm, it clearly means that you’re experiencing higher satisfaction and joy. Whereas, being fine or alright means that you’re just passing the remaining days of your life with sluggishness. Such lethargy and lower morale to live a life only lead to an uncomfortable zone for a longer duration.

This is the point of mediocrity when you don’t fall down and neither struggle to rise up and stay in the middle where you choose to live a tedious life.

Mediocrity can be considered as a pause. Besides professional and personal life, students experience this pause in their educational lives as well. They attend school, spend some time with friends, come home, do their homework and after playing a little, they go to bed to sleep.

This is the routine they follow every single day for years and stick to their position in the class. They don’t struggle harder to score higher grades or get active in extra-curricular activities for some enthusiastic participation.

Such lethargic students choose to stay in mediocrity zone because according to them, they are doing just fine and no extra input is required.

What they don’t understand is that they are not doing fine but only dragging their routine.

This article will further explain some tips for such students to avoid mediocrity in educational life.

Follow Your Dream

The first way to eliminate mediocrity is that you must follow your childhood dream and never, I repeat; never give up on your dreams!

In childhood, we dream about certain things, for example establishing a chocolate factory so that we’ll be able to eat millions of chocolate without paying, becoming a doctor with a stethoscope around our neck or designing the world’s fastest car.

These dreams are not only some imaginations but may set a purpose of life. Having a purpose in your life will lead towards higher struggle in education.

In short, following a dream will make you enthusiastic and help to escape educational mediocrity.

Set An Inspiration

Another way of avoiding mediocrity in education is to set an inspiration.

You may consider your father, brother, grandparents, popular politicians or famous global personalities to be your inspiration.

Whoever is your inspiration, must be successful in some ground of life that might be personal grounds, professional or social. These personalities inspire you to become like them and then you put endless efforts and perform impressively in order to experience the same success in your life as they have already witnessed.

Setting an inspiration will motivate you to work harder on educational level in order to achieve what those inspiring people have accomplished.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

People spend their lives in mediocrity because they think that they are living a fine life and there is no need of struggling harder for more. They become afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone which is actually a continuous uncomforting situation and they have adapted to it.

Students can avoid this mediocrity in education by stepping out of their comfort zone in order to face academic challenges and improve their performance.

Facing these challenges might bring a little discomfort but that temporary hardship will take you to a confirmed success and permanent contentment.

In other words, students may avoid this curse of educational mediocrity by simply getting out of their comfort zone to face daring situations.

Have A Taste Of Accomplishment

Avoid Settling For Mediocrity In Educational Life - Accomplishment

Image Source – Pixabay

You can also avoid mediocrity by tasting accomplishment for once. I’m talking for real!

An achievement or accomplishment is like a drug that makes you addicted to it because the popularity and appreciation you receive after achieving something big, makes you crave for more.

This urge to obtain gratitude takes you to the road of endless struggle and hard work in order to achieve more. This means, that once you’ll have a taste of accomplishment and experience of appreciation, you’ll strive for more and ultimately work on your educational performance in a more polished manner.

Be Selective About Acquaintances

This is true that friends and associates have a direct impact on your personality, either positive or negative, it depends on your grouping.

Students should understand this fact that if they will choose to be friends with irresponsible kids, they will become like them.

It is very important for children to be selective about their acquaintances and choose to be with those who are enthusiastic and passionate about their educational performance. Under their influence, you’ll also struggle to improve your academic performance and leave the mediocrity zone far behind.

Whereas, if your friends will be sluggish and choose to only pass the exams and never put extra effort, then you’ll adopt the same strategy of ‘go with the flow’.

 Grow Motivational Emotions

Feelings and emotions actually run a person. They are like a fuel, without which a person cannot move or step ahead.

If you want to avoid mediocrity in your education, then grow some motivational emotions. No person or thing can motivate you in a way your emotions can.

Once you’ll have an inner urge to bring some change in your life, a good change, you’ll definitely move forward without fearing anything.

If students will produce this emotional motivation within themselves, they will achieve the heights of success in educational grounds and leave the middle point behind.

Never Compromise, Strive For More!

I say compromise is for losers! It’s obvious, that only those choose the option of compromising who become afraid of facing the challenges in life. They go for this safe option and stick to their mediocre life, which is neither worse nor awesome but something in middle.

Same goes for students as they also compromise with their average grades and don’t struggle for achieve more because they fear to put more effort or afraid of facing failure after putting that effort.

They should consider this tip and never compromise but only strive for more in order to get rid of slow painful mediocrity.

Consider It To Be Your Last Chance

At last, our students can avoid educational mediocrity by considering this phase to be their last chance of setting their life on a successful path.

They should think about it in a way that if they will not perform well and choose to stay an average student, then they might not achieve professional success in future.

They can overcome the point of mediocrity in their educational lives by considering it to be their last chance of placing a foundation for future victory.