Personal branding is a major component for a modern economy. It is important to know your limitations and strengths. To know who you are and most of all to know your audience (readers, followers, tribes, etc) who you are and what you stand for!
Profiling Of Self Or Personal Branding

Profiling, in general, is the:

the extrapolation of information about something, based on known qualities (From Wikipedia: Profiling)

Profiling is also important in blogging and special branding. Not only for extracting information about the success agents of your niche market but, more importantly, for finding more data about yourself! Profiling can help you identify your niche market and your position in this area (or help you leverage your abilities in order to gain more advantages).

Why Branding Is So Important

The brand is important because separates YOUR voice from other similar “voices“. In order your message has a chance to get across to your intended audience, you should be authentic, original, differentiated from other people and most importantly, to have something important to say. Something the world would like to hear, about.

This is the main reason you should have to develop your own voice (your personal brand!) and an effective platform to communicate your messages across the vast audience of today’s world and keep consistent in your decision!

There is much information in the web, on how you can develop your personal brand. Some of them are described, in the next section.

Develop A Personal Profile Or A Personal Branding

  1. Start the analysis of our self as a 3rd person (no emotional or egoistic engagements!) and keep that approach throughout the process.
  2. Check on the web for your digital presence and layout a strategy for establishing an authority, enhance or alter your image or sustain and enhance your influence! Do not forget that your online presence, today, in the social media era may be as important (if not more!) as your physical one!
  3. Determine your core values, life priorities, motivation, principles, acceptable approaches and set your vision!
  4. Decide on your goals and objectives providing the time frame of implementation.
  5. Find your niche market and learn everything about that area. Aim at becoming one of the best experts in this area!
  6. Decide on the means and resources you going to use (time, energy, effort, blog, social media, webinars, books, mentors you can use, friends can help you, etc).
  7. Invest in yourself. Enhance your skills, knowledge, etc for your new intended role.
  8. Decide on your main message you want to propagate. The one thing you want to share!
  9. Develop good habits, that would lead you and keep you on the chosen path.
  10. Organize your approach and set a master plan or implement an existing strategic personal branding program!
  11. Make SWOT Analysis of yourself (a tool very popular in consultancy circles), in order to determine your personal strong and weak points.
  12. Develop a marketing and communication plan to start propagates your message and yourself!
  13. Be yourself and be original and authentic. After all, your audience is attracted to you, because of your style and the value you provide to them!
  14. Develop original and useful material, content, articles, and posts that would multiple values for your readers and cause them to change and enhanced their (personal and professional) life in the best possible ways!
  15. Carry through your chosen strategic plan
  16. Evaluate your progress frequently and alter your plan and your schedule if it not effective or otherwise redundant! Do not afraid to abandon something is not working anymore, even if that means you should start from the beginning again!

Question: What do you think? What is your brand? Send me your comments or write them in the comments section!