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The world is changing. Streets are turning into sites, maps-into searching engines. In such system, what can be fully reckoned as the most diverse source of knowledge nowadays? If choosing between the Internet sites, certain blogs are. They include both theory and ways of practice-applying, stories, and advice, are used for fun and gathering the information you may need.

However, how to make your blog popular, called-for? There are thousands of them. You need it to be the best.

Let’s figure out the way it can be managed.

Popularizing Your Blog


Some Ways To Popularizing Your Blog

1. Whatever grievous it is, but at the moment people are more practitioners than theorists. Apparently, practical topics are more likely to be noticed and approved by readers. So, the topic should be striking and actual. People, acquainted with the way SEO work, usually know that words «popular» or «needful» is input when looking for something important.

2. One more point about SEO. There is a thing, called «operators of statistics». Inputting different marks together with your prompts, such as + when you need a particular site to be searched, mark “!” when you need word endings to be limited: «!novel», for instance. In that case, the machine won’t highlight results with «novelist» and further.SEO3. By all means, searching statistic is also useful when writing the text. In order to optimize it, use requests of medium and low frequency. It increases competitive positions in the search results. That`s why never let the right side of Wordstat out of sight.

4. Inner ways of blog popularization suppose regular update and creation of qualitative over-linking. That helps to keep the reading audience and increase positions in SEO.

5. By the way, a code can be placed downside your page which will randomly show the links, attached to the present topic. It`s a common thing that when you are interested, you will subconsciously try to look through all the posts of the author you will be able to find. Moreover, it will show that the story wasn’t made up in five minutes, but experienced through the analytical work. Creating special rubrics will also help.

6. Other ways of popularizing include plenty of conceptions, constantly developing and replenishing. Promotion using social networks and social media is considered to be the most perspective. You should announce your posts giving the direct link to it. Besides, it’s needful to create the «blog mirrors» on popular services such as LiveJournal, Liveinternet etc. with links to posts from the original source.
7. Don’t publish commercial information without warning about it. If the reader understands that you write in the sake of personal profit, he will simply abandon you.

8. Describe popular trends. It can be a current event, new film or performance, celebrity person. Mention your own ideas, comment on them, predict.

9. The most essential are point-cause emotions. «People live when they either read or feel». You can make them live doubly, writing humorously or giving a piece of advice, probably putting on guard.

Your point is to inform about truth, at the same time expressing yourself. There can be an endless quantity of blogs around, but the worthy one may not but be appreciated.

Question: Do you find these ways for popularizing your blog effective? Please comment if you use other or different ways of popularizing your blog?