Jenny Gunn is an entrepreneur, who also teaches leadership courses at UK Assignment Done Help Service. She actively blogs at AssignmentDone on various topics that are related to building successful teams, how to achieve leadership traits, and similar genres. Here you can see some of her thoughts on how to Understand the characteristics of a proactive leader!

The Reactive And Proactive Leaders

On our way through the progress within the professional life, we will come across many traits and kinds of leaders around, who run the organizations by their way of leadership styles, personality and thought process. Often within these different kinds of leaders there are two schools of thoughts, which reside and influence the way these leaders think. One school of thought is a leader that should be reactive, while another school of thought which suggests that it might be a bit risky, but most leaders should be extremely proactive.


Reactive leaders are the ones, who strive and lead organizations by means of reaction to the situations and competition around them. Such leaders hardly make any innovation or aspiring move and usually depend upon situations to change the way they lead. These leaders are found to be the ones who play extremely safe and are circumspect about how they take decisions. They will not really be amongst the risk takers of today. To a certain point, this approach might work well, especially in an environment which is stable and does not change too often.

On the other hand a proactive leader is the one who has the ability to predict, forecast and speculate things as well as accordingly make their moves beforehand. These are leaders are what they call the champions of modern day world. They run the organizations with their perfect, vision, their ability to look at long term goal and achievements. These leaders are extremely effective when the environment is highly competitive and there is lot instability around demanding counter measures ready all the time. Our other sections of the article will further explore the characteristics of proactive leaders.

Proactive Leaders work On Predictable Measures Through Calculated Forecast

The key trait of proactive leaders is that they are always expecting something to happen and for that they are always prepared. A proactive leader will never give out excuse of not expecting a certain situation. They work on predictable measures through calculated forecast based on their knowledge, experience and most importantly, the news. Their ability to analyze is what sets them apart from the rest.

Have Different Habits Of Working

Leaders who are highly proactive, rely a lot on scheduling tasks and setting up priorities as well as goals. They always need something to look forward to and move. Proactive leaders, work in completely different habits. They will always focus on scheduling work and working around priorities. They will always have a plan, to achieve certain goals and unexpected tasks that come up within those priorities and this is what they are best at. Finding and predicting moves, that can get the work done before something happens.

High In Stature And Mature In Approach

A proactive leader’s given trait is their calmness and sensibility. A leader who is reactive, will always be seen screaming, shouting and creating a panic if things go wrong. Since proactive leaders always have a plan to work around things, they never panic and allow a sense of extreme calmness in their approach. This makes them a leader of a very high stature, someone who is truly inspiring.