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In the business world, it is impossible to always get what you need, but you can make your arguments more convincing to move closer to this kind of mightiness. Too often, leaders underestimate the power of email communication and strong motivating speeches composed wisely. However, written word is still a great tool of communication, especially in the sphere of leadership. After all, leaders do not have enough time and energy to talk to every consumer, employee or partner personally and there is nothing left but reaching these people via email.

Resources for writing convincingly

Nobody is a natural-born writer, though. It is a skill we have to hone and make sharper. Writing, and business writing as well, is a creative process and the more attention you pay to your writing style and voice, the more effective your message will be. Leaders are the first to consider this fact. Because if you are a leader, then your writing expresses and touches the entire company, and if your writing is smart, your customers and employees are more engaged.

To help you make your writing more persuasive, you should learn to choose the best words, structure, and form of your message. In this article, we have gathered a number of great online tools to help you train your writing skills and make your text more convincing.

Ginger (for Android)

There is no way you can make your copy convincing, if you make grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. The truth is that there is no way people will take you seriously if you make grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes in your writing. Moreover, it is unacceptable if you are a leader unless you want to make a negative impact on your reputation.

Try using Ginger as a supporting application. The good thing about Ginger is that it offers a keyboard and gives suggestions about your sentences and words when you are composing email messages, text messages, social media posts, or anything else.

Furthermore, this application has an amazing feature – it remembers the most common mistakes you make and offer customized advice and writing lessons to help your deal with the errors peculiar for you.


There is no way you can be a persuasive writer in case if your audience has no idea about what you are trying to say. When you are trying to express a complex idea and people do not understand you, the worst thing you can do is adding more complex stuff to explain your thoughts.

Before you start writing, take a minute to think how can you communicate the sense of your message in a simple and relevant way.

The second step in making yourself clearer is using Readable. This online tool will help you avoid the overflow in your copy by paying your attention to run-on sentences and confusing structures.

It is quite natural if you cannot evaluate whether your own text is understandable – at least, you do know what you’re trying to say…

Use Readable to organize your text in short sentences and paragraphs that demonstrate your main arguments and points in the best way.

This website is very simple – just copy your text into the text field and Readable will provide you with a readability score. If your score is too high – consider making your writing simpler.

Student Share

Improving your persuasive writing skills will be more effective if you will use good examples. Student Share is a website where you can get academic papers written in professional and straightforward manner.

The good thing about this website is that it stores a great amount of different papers, including persuasive essays. Download a couple of business persuasive essays or some other types of them to see how an argument should be developed and structured. Despite the fact that this resource is initially created for students, there are Master’s and PhD-level papers, too.

Student Share is easy to use – just type the keywords into the search bar and the website will offer you a great number of documents. You can download a couple of them for free per day, and you also can share your own materials or get a paid account for an unlimited access to the paper base.

Headline Analyzer

A persuasive text begins with an eye-catching headline. Sometimes, a good title makes a half of your text success, so you shouldn’t underestimate it.

Headline Analyzer is a free online tool that will help you come up with a great headline, especially if you are creating a blog post. This tool analyzes whether your headline is fresh and has any value.

The Analyzer will even tell you whether your title can get social shares, traffic, and other SEO stuff.

Using this resource you will be able to create a perfect title – just keep on trying different variants until you get the highest score for it.

Can I Change Your Mind?: The Craft and Art of Persuasive Writing (book by Lindsay Camp)

This book will teach you to argue the case in writing effectively. Lindsay Camp is a leading copywriter with a vast professional experience and in his book he covers any type of persuasive text you may face. The author shows how to deal with advertisements, website pages, business proposals, or hasty emails to your employees.

Entertaining, interesting, and highly persuasive, of course, Can I Change Your Mind?: The Craft and Art of Persuasive Writing will help you find the best way to use your words and formulate your ideas in a written form.

Using these resources, you will make your writing style interesting, convincing and credible. Of course, you cannot convince anybody to change his/her mind or to do what you want them to do, but you can combine a couple of these tools and increase your chances to sound much more persuasive.

Practice and continue developing your writing skills! And hopefully, you will be successful in most cases when you need to express your ideas and connect them to your audience!

Good luck!

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