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Many a times it so happens that we feel we have been pursuing the wrong career and need a change from the mundane. And sometimes it may be due to reasons like finding our true calling or a new passion that we would like to shift our careers for.

Regardless of what the reason for you wanting to change your career might be, you need to initiate the change effectively and take the move positively.

Changing a career can be very confusing and leaving everything that we have been doing so far is definitely not going to be easy. Before changing your career make sure that you are confident about your decision and will be sticking to it.

In some cases, career shifts may be less rewarding financially and it will be like starting all over again. Once you are sure that change is what you want you can adopt these three simple methods to move on from your current career.

Understand Who You Are And Plan Ahead

There are millions among us who work for years and do not have a clue about who they are. You need to understand yourself before making the change.

There are countless examples of people who kept changing careers only to go nowhere while others have been highly successful with their career changes.

You might want to shift your career from being a top investment banker to teaching underprivileged children at a government-funded school. When you think about making a change try to understand your ideals, tastes preferences and ask yourself if you truly want to make the change.

If you are able to set your goals well and plan out where you want to be in the next few years you will be able to make the change in a much simpler way.

The time of change can be very confusing and you need to have the support of people around you to change your career comfortably. If you feel you are not ready you should postpone the change and only do it when you are fully confident.

Starting afresh in a new field requires the right approach and once you are able to plan your next few steps you will be able to make the change the right way.

Explore Your Options

If there’s a new field you want to get into you need to explore all of the options that are open to you and evaluate the best choice for yourself. Just like the time when you graduated and had options open in front of you and you chose a career path, you need to repeat the same steps here as well.

You need to have sufficient time and resources on hand to try out things until you find your true calling. Hypothetically, let’s assume you are interested in design and want to make a career out of it by quitting your current job in finance. You can explore all design job options that are open to you and pursue one accordingly.

You should also keep time for learning new skills that might help you in your new job. Having a professional certification or any kind of educational background in the new field that you want to pursue can be very advantageous if it’s a completely new field of work.

Before finalizing on the career option that you choose you need to evaluate everything from work hours to the kind of stress that you might have to handle. Choosing a new career based on your passion leads to a lot of contentment but it might not be as smooth as you think it is. The amount of dedication and effort you need to put in might be overwhelming and you need to be able to choose the path that is aligned with your expectations.

Say YES Instead Of Putting Away Things For Later

If you feel that you have found your true calling and are confident you will be able to be content with the change then you should not wait at all. Most importantly you need to take the move positively. Knowing what success in the field feels like and how you can be rewarded for your efforts in your new field will allow you to make the change on a positive note.

Starting NOW is the key to successful change. If you have the support of your family members and your friends then the change becomes a whole lot easier. Each of us has his own gifts and passions and tapping into new opportunities should be a fulfilling experience. If you keep delaying your shift, you might not be able to make the change at all.

Make sure you prepare 3 month, 6 months and 12-month plans to be able to make the change a bit more planned out and effective.

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