Marketing has been a very resilient sector throughout the pandemic and it’s for one simple reason. It’s the only window business has to the outside world. It’s incredibly important to remain in contact with your customers, all the time.

Once upon a time, you could nudge them with a reminder of who you are, about once a month. However, these days, with the competition being so high and the need for constant promotions and sales, it’s virtually every single week. And this has got many people thinking.

Is it worth marketing in a general sense, or should you go for a specialty marketing strategy, specifically for your industry and customer base?

Broad Marketing Benefits

Quite clearly, one of the benefits of a broad marketing strategy is, it’s cheaper and yet you reach more people. It’s one of the reasons why entrepreneurs will stick with broad marketing because they want as many eyes to see their brand as possible. This is helpful to establish your brand but not always the best when you are already a known brand. But, we are not here to veer you in one direction or the other, so here is a shortlist of the other benefits.

  • Cheap to advertise abroad, reaching foreign consumers. This is good if you ship internationally.
  • Social media marketing becomes a lot more frequent, as you reach those who may not be interested but are frequently online.
  • You reach both professional B2B customers as well as investor clients.
  • Broad marketing allows for you to utilize all the different marketing strategies, at once. You can have a PPC ad campaign, along with video, hashtags and email marketing, simultaneously.

Specialist Marketing Benefits

Targeting marketing is often for customers who already know who you are. This is more for the brand that has already established its name on the market for some years. For example, if you were a healthcare company you may want to work with cardinal healthcare marketing agency services who work specifically in the healthcare marketing industry. They will create and manage your SEO marketing campaign. They write content for your website, pertaining to the kinds of services you offer. They’ll also manage your PPC ad campaign and spread your name over social media, to the accounts that have been searching for your keywords.

Some other benefits include.

  • A higher chance of a customer making a purchase. This is due to familiarity and targeting those who are interested in the type of product you are selling.
  • Hitting the right social groups on social media, so you have a higher chance of making a cultural impact.
  • Bang for buck, as the slightly more expensive ads will always turn a good profit in terms of sales.
  • You only need to make one or two ad campaigns instead of a large amount. So pick your best kinds, such as PPC + Video or social media hashtags + SEO content, etc.

Specialized marketing is a great kind of strategy to hit the most likely of customers that will make a purchase. However if you want a broad exposure, make sure you are creating multiple campaigns at the same time.