Most people expect something to happen,  in order to do something else. They strongly believe that in order for them to do something, something else should be preceded! And they postpone activities and things to be done in the name of lacking the necessary resources.

Start With What You Have

Have you heard the “I do not have, <experience, luck, money, …>, to do it!” I bet you have. So am I. And it is wrong. Very wrong, indeed!

You do not need anything to start something you like. Not even permission. you need a decision, and along the way, you will find or you will develop the resources you need in order to achieve your objectives.

You should start with what you have at the moment and use them creatively. For instance, you do need an expensive video camera in order to do a professional video recording. You can do it with the camera of your phone (even if you are not a professional actor!), even if it does not provide the quality you think you require. You just need to start and press the record button, tell what you want, and publish it in order everybody see it!

I strongly believe, that the abundance of “things”, can create a big disorder and indecision while a small, well selected and creatively used, set of required tools and devices, can maximize the effect of your message! And your overall impact!

What do you think? Please add some thoughts, in the comment section!