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In today’s world, every aspect of our life is run by technology and smart technology for that matter. Gone are the days where you had to do everything manually. Today, at a touch of a button only, you can basically do everything that you need. You can even move a mountain! It is for this reason that more and more people are seeking to gain knowledge in the IT sector.

Compared to the last two decades, where the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs could only grasp what IT entails, today a vast majority of both young and old embrace IT by all means. This is due to the fact that knowledge on IT is readily available thanks to the internet. So, if you are looking to kick off your IT career, here are 8 sites that are the best in offering the knowledge.


This website is one of the biggest online IT schools in the world today. It offers an array of IT courses which include programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and API among others. The other main course is Web Fundamental which is essential for anyone who has little or no knowledge in the IT field. The best thing about this site is that it is user-friendly and highly interactive. The IT specialist use simple examples and videos to explain difficult concepts. You can also ask questions and always get back the feedback.

Cyber Academy

Unlike other IT websites, Cyber Academy has gone a notch higher in offering an array of courses that are mostly essential when learning IT. Furthermore, the site offers the regular coding languages at advanced stages. This brings out the true picture of the site how they are organized in gradually teaching a new student without confusing him. What’s more, this site uses interactive teaching techniques like the use of videos for quick understanding. Cyber Academy guarantees you in depth knowledge of anything pertaining IT.

Code Avengers

Though this site is highly inclined to programming, it is the best site to learn it. The languages offered here include HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. Other courses are said to come soon. What makes this site stand out from the rest is that it is highly interactive in the sense that it uses games to ease the learning process. This will make you learn for longer without any mental fatigue. Furthermore, code avengers do not offer too much unnecessary information to the user. More often, such details tend to confuse the learner which is inappropriate. This is undisputedly the best site for a first time IT student.

Code School

Code School offers a more advanced and in-depth knowledge to an IT student compared to the first three. Here, the courses offered are the same as the rest but at a more in-depth level. The courses include; JavaScript, HTML, Ruby and IOS. Code school; is less interactive with an intention of hardening the student for any eventualities in the field as an IT professional. Although most of the courses offered in Code School; are free, others are offered at a fee of $25 per month in order for the student to have access to the entire course.


Udacity is one of the interactive oriented sites that is good for learning IT. The site utilizes the use of videos and quizzes to pass on knowledge to the student. It is the perfect site for IT newbie’s who prefer fewer theories. What’s even better is that Udacity has professional experts to teach various courses. These professionals mainly have experience in the IT field. Examples include Google employees.


Of all the sites that offer IT courses, CodeHs offers more courses than the rest. Apart from the normal programming languages offered, CodeHs also offers other IT courses which include puzzle challenges, data structure, game design and web development. It is also worth mentioning that CodeHs is highly interactive which makes the learner grasp the concepts more easily. It is however considered to be the best site for people who want to be game developers. An extra $25 is charged every month for in-depth access of the course materials.

Khan Academy

Khan academy is a site specifically designed for amateurs in IT. Here the courses offered are the basic preliminary courses which are essential to any programming language. They include drawing courses, code interaction and animation courses. Khan Academy is an interactive site and the use of videos has been integrated to make learning even easier. Furthermore, a student is able to share his concept as a spin-off after every session.

Scratch 2.0

In order to grasp IT concepts easily, it is often better to start learning at a younger age. This is what Scratch 2.0 is all about. It is specifically designed for young kids with passion in IT. Scratch 2.0 allows the kids to proudly share their projects and uses very simple techniques to teach kids about programming commands. Mainly, the site uses visual programming method which teaches kids to break down problems and solve them separately.