Ron William is a professor at the University of Westminster and he delivers lectures on entrepreneurship! Ron has worked for several businesses including restaurants, hotels and he is also co-founder of the UK-based dissertation help love company. For more, follow him on Twitter or Google+. In this post, he shares his “Tips for starting up a new business“!

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Starting up your own new business is not at all easy, so don’t take it lightly instead take it seriously and take it as a challenge as you will face thousands of competitors daily and the business market is now growing rapidly every other day a new business comes to an existence. Starting up a business and then maintaining it and keeping it ALIVE among the tough competitors is the toughest task for the businesses. Here are some tips that will help you in starting up your business!

Get Some Experience Before Starting Your Own Business

This is a very important and a wise tip “NEVER jump into a business without experience”. In the business world, you will meet a number of different people who can easily make a fool out of you if you are new, so if you will be having some experience so you will at least know how things are and how things actually work. Before starting your own business you must work for someone else. Try finding a job in a relative firm, no matter how much your salary is, remember you are doing this job just for an experience not to earn money.

Try Finding Sincere And Experienced Business Partners

Never start a business alone no matter how experienced you are or how smart or confident you are. The business world is a place where things are all upside down and it needs lots of money and manpower to keep it straight up. Ask any of your friends who has a good bank balance along with the experience. Try making a partnership of at least 3 people this way you will have to invest less and in the case of loss, you will not have to pay for the entire loss. However, profit will be divided equally but it is always better to earn $5000 instead of losing $15000.

Expert’s Advice

Expert’s advice will always help you in one way or other. If someone in your own family is an expert in the business world then this would be the perfect thing for your business as you will be having great and beneficial opinions. Initially, avoid taking steps yourself without expert’s opinion in order to avoid loss.

Smart Investments

Invest your money smartly. NEVER invest everything that you have, keep some percentage of money as a backup and save some for your own sake or for other personal purposes as you have other things as well in life. Keep your personal and professional life separate in terms of finance and responsibilities as well.

Socializing And Marketing

Socializing will help your business to grow, so start socializing if you are not social. Start meeting new people, start interacting with new people, get to know their business tell them about your business. Business is all about contacts, the more contacts you have more easily you can grow your business. Along with socializing marketing should also be done as it is an essential tool for growing the business.

These business tips are very useful for all those who are planning to start a business in future or near future.

Question: What are the problems you had when you have started up your business? How did you solve these problems? You can leave your comments, here!