The story is the oldest most proven way humans learn and remember information. This is the reason why the art of storytelling is so much important in business and in life.

Storytelling - Great Stories Quote

Storytelling in Business

The storytelling as a business practice that can enhance the way we see the world and business practices. I found this interesting site in the web (Story at Work) searching for Knowledge Management practices.

Storytelling as a practice has many strong points about certain things, displaying various very interesting quotes such as the:

The world is nothing but my perception of it. I see only through myself. I hear only through the filter of my story.” – Byron Katie


He who tells the stories rules the world”  — Hopi proverb

and the

Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives — the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change — truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts.” — Salman Rushdie

which intrigue me in various directions.