It is custom this time of the year to make a recollection of what has done and state the resolutions for the new year. Well, I will try to avoid that.  I will try to provide something more “valuable” in that process. To make (some) people reflect more deeply on their real self and their intentions in life and business!

The "2017" Is The Tool

An Old Year

2016 has left and everyone is accountable for what’s happening. Good or bad! It is not the time of the year to take a walk down memory lane to check what’s happening! You would have plenty of time for that.

It is, of course, a good exercise to gain clarity but the searching for the “why” can never substitute the creative process of “how”!

There are a million reasons, some (or all) of your plans work or gone sour, but you need to get to the bottom of it and find out the main reasons you didn’t get what you wanted!

You may think it is the conditions, or, maybe, many opposed factors this year, created many unsolvable problems you weren’t able to solve. Maybe the blame is on you, for the things you should or shouldn’t do!

Perhaps, you are thinking that problems created by more serious conditions occur this year (perhaps a disease, a financial or working problem, the death of a close friend or a relative, the loose of a job, etc.) which make you missed your targets.

Well, I have to inform you that, at the present moment, now, any of these factors doesn’t have any meaning!

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Where Are You Now?

Let me, explain! Today, you are in a place you are not very happy about! Why? Because if you were you wouldn’t read this article!

No, serious. You came here, searching for something. You have a clear mark along the way, but you do not know how to reach it. Or what to do.

You are here because you need some help on how you would move from where you are today to where you want to be.

Clear, so far? Okay!

Let see what has to be done.

You need to do 4 things in succession and in clear intention to find yourself where you want to be:

  1. Check where you are TODAY and find out how content are you with that
  2. If you are okay with that, everything’s fine. Go grab a cup of coffee (or anything you like) and congratulate yourself for a work well done! BUT if you are not satisfied with what you have accomplished so far, go to step 3
  3. Set clear goals. Yes, I know, everyone told you that. But the point is not what you know, but what you, actually, do. So go find what you want to do for the next 10-20 years and set your goals as clear and descriptive as possible. Better yet: write them down! Write down what you want to achieve at personal and professional level; what you need to sacrifice to achieve it; what you would do (or you wouldn’t do); why you want that; what you going to use; what strategies and activities you should employ; what effect these actions would have to your family (or to your friends,  or to your associates, or to your health, etc.);
  4. When you have your goals ready, tidy and in an orderly fashion, is the time to find how to make them real. You need to reflect on yourself, on how you do things, on how you work, what resources you can use, etc. in order to filter down all the activities can lead you to achieve your goals in an easy and personal way. Is not an easy task, but it needs to get done in order to find the best strategies, tools, and approaches to help you move on the path towards your goals’ implementation.

These 4 steps, will help you to clarify your goals, your strategies, and your approaches and to select the best resources to help you do what has to be done!

The “2017” Is The Tool!

The time to start doing what has to be done is now, and this year is the tool to make all right. Yes, this year, the time you have available is the year started yesterday and, as everybody, you have allocated only 365 days (364 actually now) to do what has to be done!

The clock is ticking and, if I am right, you have many things to do! To achieve everything you will need time, energy, motivation and the right mindset.

You need to think on how you reach your goals, rather than what’s missing; you need to focus on what’s important to you and not on what’s necessary (or urgent); you need to start now, and you need to start to make actual progress towards what you want!

You need to move and act now, not because you want to avoid something; but because you want to achieve something!

This is the best year to start doing all that! It is your time. So start to do what needs to get done!

My best wishes for the happy, joyful and prosperous year you are going to create!