Leadership is about next day! Recently, I friend of mine had to make a complete transformation of his earlier life. Besides the current economic situation (tough for everyone!) some medical problems have accrued in his close family. These are enough, to convince him that he had to change his route and make different selections in his life. The result was a complete makeover of his earlier life (with the aid of some friends, of course!). He has to change his life and LEAD it to a different path!

The Next Day

More and more in my personal and professional life, I believe that leadership is related to legacy.

As the recent experience of my friend! He WANTED NOT to do it, but he HAD to do it! Quick, unexpectedly, without “sedation”, or previous preparation.

A quick, single, clean-cut of his previous “everything“.

Life sometimes has these upsides and downs!

But the important thing, the major question arising here, is the following: what we have to leave behind, when we are not here (we are not present anymore), or when we are unable to do as we normally do.

What we have built, not just for ourselves, or rather, moreover, not for ourselves, but for the other people. What do people remember about us when we are gone?

No, I’m not talking about death, even though, the situation might fit the definition. I’m referring to all situations we are not present!

What are the thoughts we have left to the minds of people, what are the feelings, what we have done that people acknowledge us for, what we have produced, what we have influence, …!

All these “minute” or larger things we make toward other people (even without our knowledge, sometimes!).

We have not the time, to wait!

The leadership of our life, the personal leadership and the upholding of our principles, values, etc. dictates the “be always ready” dictum. To prepare today, ourselves, as if, there would be no tomorrow.

This is a task, a good leader should follow through!

Because, now, is the time to create the memories of the future, and you should better make them good!

I believe very much in history as a guiding reference for our actions in the future. And I believe, too much, to the people, trying and often succeeding to overcome very difficult situations. And I believe in people, in general.

To exactly the same people, who managed to harness the fire and build civilization and culture and thought and made themselves better people from those they were in the past!

And I believe in the old dictum: Memento Mori as a safeguard trigger, to remind me what is important in life and what I have to guard and keep closely!

Question: What would you leave behind if you have to stop everything right now, what will your legacy be? What would make differently? How your next day would be?