What do you think about fences! This is something I was thinking walking down the street and looking the fence around a deserted factory! It was a brilliant factory unit when it started to operate, but now it was abandoned. The technology and the economy have conspired to render it obsolete! But something has maintained its operation and signified a “do not trespass” warning. It’s fence. And that reminds me about the barriers and fences in your life. Either the existing ones or the ones existing only in your mind!

The Other Side of the Fence

A fence can make you think twice! Fences, blocking your way, stop you, detour you, or separate you from something, perhaps you want (or imagine that you want).

Fences, Barriers, and Challenges!

Fences always considered as barriers. But can be many things. For instance, can be challenges. And good ones!

As a boy, I have heard a story about someone wanted to cross over a fence but he didn’t dare to do it!

After many drawbacks and thinking, one day he decided to toss his hat over that particular fence! It was impossible for him to go home without his hat (he will be grounded for a long time)! So he set his heart and his mind and jump over the fence to retrieve his hut! And he does so, and the story said that he retrieved his precious hat!

He made a challenge to himself and delivered an excellent result. And at the same time, he saw what’s was on the other side of that particular fence he was desired so much to see.

The Other Side of the Fence

The fence is not a barrier if you don’t choose to see it as such. The hero of this story saw the fence as a challenge. Someone else can see a permanent or temporary blockage as something else!

Considering this concept in a different mode, you can see that a fence can be many things. A fence, for instance, can be:

  • a challenge you have to make
  • an obstacle you have to cross-over
  • the unknown you have to face or handle
  • the different you need to collaborate with
  • the odd you must learn to accept and incorporate to your actions
  • the peculiar you need to respect or/and accept in your life
  • the strange fellow you have to join in for some venture
  • the end of your expectation about a situation and the start of a different more rewarding situation
  • the launch platform for something new you want to start
    and many, many more things

A fence is anything you want it to be. But it is something you have to face with. You have to find the way to handle it and to use it for your benefit and the benefit of the other involved parties.

It is not something you can stare at it all day, expecting to move itself outside of your road. It will not! It is not, either, something you can talk it out of your path. It will not work! It is you the one you have to do something!

Generally, it is something you have to learn how to handle it! It might be a learning experience, but, moreover, it can be proved a better path for knowing yourself.

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