No matter what type of business or monkey making operation you run, there’s an absolute necessity for you to promote yourself well. Looking like a professional, capable and forward thinking business is likely to attract customers. The operative term in that previous sentence is ‘looking.’

The Resolute Importance Of Image

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A solid image will do more wonders for your business than you could ever know. When it comes to identifying a solid and professional service, a consumer will usually operate with the subconscious mantra ‘ALWAYS judge a book by it’s cover.’

This might seem unfair, because we’re always told growing up that practicality should overcome aestheticism, and that what matters on the inside counts most. This is true in relationships and general human discourse, but in business, the best service in the world is working against itself if it doesn’t invest in great imaging solutions.

The benefits of focusing on your business image, how to do so, and what the outcome of this will be are detailed in this handy guide.

The Importance


Having a solid brand identity is paramount, no matter if you’re a local simple cafe or a multinational corporation. Consumers need to know who you are, what you do, and how your brand ‘looks.’ The brand name should, ideally, ‘sound like’ the product you’re selling. For example, Lexus is a word that was created out of thin air for the type of car brand it now relates to.

It took many boardroom meetings to come to this conclusion, and it wasn’t just to figure out what sounded the ‘coolest.’ The word ‘Lexus’ evokes images of luxury, stability, and class. Consider your brand, and see if you can’t improve the name you’ve already chosen for it. If you’re in the business’s early days, it’s worth making these changes now, before you fully become committed to one name. You might not be able to get away with some of the superfluous names found in the fashion industry, but a creative flair will still work well.

This also goes twice for your actual image branding. The images you use, logo’s and color schemes, will all have a psychological effect on the consumer recipient who sees your advertisement. If you’re a firm dealing with motherly supplies, deep blacks and reds might not work well for your brand. Lighter colors would work better. With this philosophy in mind, consider your brand, and figure out your ideal color scheme accordingly. This isn’t a matter of your personal taste. This is a matter of what will best help you transmit your brand to as many willing viewers as possible.

The Resolute Importance Of Image - Importance

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Staying consistent with the times is an important method of keeping your business relevant, and it should apply to your branding. This is why you often see decades-old companies continually updating their logo or imaging with new typefaces or simpler designs. In the age of smartphone apps, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the modern trends, but it’s no less important that you do it.

How To Implement


Designing a logo template with a free logos service is a great place to start. There’s no doubt that the logo is the most intrinsically identifiable part of your brand. We are visual beings before we’re reading beings, and so people are much likelier to positively identify with an attractive brand logo that is unique than they are a couple of words.

For example, think of ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken.’ There’s no doubt that reading those words immediately evoked images of Colonel Sanders in your mind. After that, there’s no doubt that was followed by an image of a chicken bucket. This is the power of branding, and you’d be wise to make the logo your priority.

Web Design

You need great web design. Your website should be sleek, uniform in style, easy to navigate, and minimalistic. Applying your chosen branding color schemes across everything you do will give your brand a feeling of stability, persistence, and professionalism. Hire professional graphic designers to help you achieve these aims.


Your advertising potential is stronger when it’s attractive. Think of the modern state of advertising today. The internet has blown the game wide open, and the smallest startup can now potentially have more of a viral reach than a successful corporation.

Consumers are continually being bombarded with advertisements from all corners of the internet, and because of this, they routinely use ‘ad blockers’ in their browser. Use social media advertising solutions to combat this, but make sure your branding is eye-catching and smart, or you won’t achieve any clicks at all.

The Outcomes

Brand Familiarity

Everyone knows what the Pepsi logo looks like. Everyone knows what the Apple logo is. Using these icons to transmit your brand awareness reduces your brand to the level of a ‘meme,’ that is transferable between people’s memory and awareness and stays there. We’re naturally adapted to respond to images and recall their purpose. This is why having appealing brand familiarity in your graphic design is so important.

The Resolute Importance Of Image - Brand

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People want to identify with the brands they use. This is a natural psychological phenomenon. Ask a random lifelong shopper of a certain product such as toothpaste, and they’re unlikely to tell you that the qualities inside the toothpaste have maintained their purchase over the years.

They’re much more likely to tell you that they like the branding, and they felt a connection to it. We are much more emotional buyers than intelligent buyers, so if something strikes a chord with us, we’re willing to overlook its flaws to attain it.


Your reputation informs your image and vice versa. If people start relating your brand to professionalism, consistency, and reliability, you’re much more likely to gather and keep your clientele base.

A general study of the psychology behind brand marketing can reveal to you the wonders hidden in a well-designed logo or color scheme. Consumers want to understand what your firm is about in the simplest, easiest means. Provide this for them. Become a company of such aesthetic strength that their loyalty blossoms towards your brand.

Once you have the consumer, strive to keep them, and watch your operation expand at an accelerated rate.