What is the secret weapon for enhanced productivity? Do you think there is a secret in the enhanced productivity trend? Something no-one can tell you, or can express it, in a way you can use it in your everyday professional and personal life? Do you think that there is a super hush – hush secret formula that is been used by the most productive and prolific persons in this world, and you are left out?

The Secret Weapon Approach for Enhanced Productivity

Is Hard Work The Answer?

Well, there isn’t one. Other than the one that has been formulated a long time ago by Thomas Edison, when he wanted to express what Genius is (or productivity, for that matter!). The one that reads:

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration” – Thomas Edison (From the The Phrase Finder in Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration )

What was the question?

If you think that hard work is the answer to our productivity endeavors then you have right. If you believe it, you have more right, as well. If you do it in an orderly fashion and in a consistent way, then, again you have right.

Because of all the above, answer to one question. Specifically to the one that reads: “What it takes, to be more efficient or productive, in my day-to-day activities?“.

A Secret Recipe

Do you find difficult to believe that there are not magical capabilities or abilities that separate a productive person from a nonproductive person, except the hard work? Well, you may have right … But not exactly!

You see, along with the hard work, there are secrets and hacks that help us to be more efficient and more productive. And there are tools that help us to be more productive. And there are methodologies that help us do our job more easily.

In our day-to-day work, we use many different methods and tools to do our job. Such tools and methodologies may include:

to name only a few.

Or a combination of the above, in a small, and easily learning organizational scheme with the name The Secret Weapon. If you like to use GTD and Evernote, then this method may become handy in accelerating our daily productivity.

The Secret Weapon

This organization scheme is:

“a free organizational methodology that re-organizes emails, ideas, and every to-do big and small into one system that stays synchronized across a person’s computers and smart phones. Works on Macs and Windows” (From YouTube: The Secret Weapon animation)

The Secret Weapon methodology or TSW combines and integrates the best elements from using effectively the GTD method with Evernote, providing a central place for capturing, organizing and processing ideas, tasks, and events.

The idea of a combination between GTD and Evernote has been introduced, officially by David AllenCompany in his GTD methodology in Evernote setup guides. The Secret Weapon method takes a similar approach.

In this context, The Secret Weapon methodology provides a lot of value added results, after an initial, time and effort investment, in organizing the Evernote according to this method and following it, in processing your day-to-day tasks. Of course, there is an official implementation of GTD methodology in Evernote but is not free

Its advantages are that is free, well documented, employs excellent productivity principles, and it is easily implemented in one of the most popular productivity enhancers as Evernote is. Its disadvantage (if there is one!) is that is not an out-of-the-box product, but something that you have to invest some time and effort for making it work effectively. But at the bottom line I believe that if you want to invest in this method, only the conscious implementation can help you in master it.

The Secret Weapon method brings excellent elements, features and approaches in the area of personal productivity and worth a second look, by anyone want to change his/.hers productivity system or enhance it with new elements.