This is the second part of a small series of the article with the general title: “11 Things, a Leader Should Avoid!”. The series would conclude in three (3) parts. This is part 2. You can read part 1, here!

11 Things, a Leader Should Avoid

Things, a Leader Should Avoid!

Attitudes and behaviors a leader should avoid include many things, but are not specific to him or her. Related to your behavior as well, even if you don’t want to assume a leadership position, but wishing to practice good influence to other people. In this context, you (everyone, in fact!) should avoid:

  • Bad habits, that may create problems for other people or difficult your relationship with them. Such habits include chain-smoking, habitual or compulsory alcohol drinking, eating without measure, etc (the most or all of the Seven deadly sins, as a basic principle!). The habits of a person influence its image and your image is a measure of how the people around you perceive you. The reflection of that image in the mind of someone, when always associated with something negative, diminish the influence of that image, left out all the good traits you might have, as your wonderful and warm character and your friendly and intelligent personality! Besides the control over your bad habits, it is a measure of our control over your life and usually perceived by the other as a positive influence, per se. This holds true for all the manifestations of your life since we would (or rather should) be the first to practice what we preach! As have been told: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit” (Aristotle),
  • A court of followers, acolytes, admirers, etc. A leader should avoid displaying overly public favor towards certain people or situations because something like that negates a vision of community or a common vision. A leader should be an integrated factor, rather than a disruptive one, a person worthy of being followed rather than scorned as a person plays favors for some of “his” people! Here, the operand word is integration! You, as most leaders (sic!) should always, be ready and prompt, to integrate your vision, the real conditions surround you (of life, market, community, economy, etc) and the requirements of the people might influence your actions (you might say, followers, if that word does not hide some much strong negative connotations!) in one, unified way of viewing and do things! This your sole purpose, as a leader. to bring something new in the world, something worthy to be followed and committed to! Therefore, if you think you have something of value to bring in the world, you should not limit your impact to certain few, if not you are not going to use them as multipliers of your “thing” you want to make real!
  • Flattery, bribes or sideways in doing things. It is not expected by a leader to use fault plays (!) and sideways in his path of life!. Something like that it is being judged erroneously by everyone, because it is assumed, that the one has not had the necessary stamina and means (moral, mental, physical, etc.), to do otherwise! A bad mark, you can gain as a leader in a wrong path, cannot compensate your achievements you might have gain, using improper tools! Your merit would be, possible, the “against all odds“, rather than the end justifies the means!
  • Long periods of isolation or its opposite overly public exposure! It is common for a deep thinker and a strategist, sometimes to seek solitude and isolation, even just for sort his thoughts out! The common, everyday life, sometimes, can be very destructive and disruptive, lead someone in paths, he/she does no chose (yet)! This trend, if acknowledged by someone, can be, as counter action and for pure reactionary purposes, turned to its opposite! i.e. the public exposition and display! Which, for a leader, is equally wrong, since the requirement for a balanced (cooled!) approach of the life becomes, elusive!
  • Pass bad or poor judgment towards people, things and situations he/she is not quite familiar with! You, as a person and as a leader, can not afford to put any kind of judgment for people, if you do not have it contemplated well!

The post “11 Things, a Leader Should Avoid” would conclude on Part 3! You can read part 1, here!