Tracy Worth is the author of this blog post. Tracy works as a consultant for clients on social media and digital strategies. She likes to post blogs on the website online essay writing company for their insights and knowledge. Today, he is writing about “Unusual Social Media Tips to Drive Branding“!

Effective and strong social media tips drive successful businesses. According to a recent study based in the US region, a survey of over 400 websites for the period of 4 months suggested that social media referrals and successful campaigns drive more than 40% of website traffic in the modern day world of Digital Media. Hence, not just your branding, but also your website traffic is more reliant on the successful executions of your social media strategy.

Unusual social media tips to drive branding

If your website traffic is going down and your benchmarks for digital mediums are not working out correctly, then it is the time you must ponder a significant thought over your social media campaigns and strategy. The reason and the trick to successful social media campaigns are simple and that is to ensure strict monitoring and adapt to the behaviors of your customers or online users. This is why, before any social media strategy can be effectively put into practice, it is highly important you must first develop a complete mechanism to understand your online users. Today’s guest blog post is going to talk about several out of the box and unorthodox social media tips to drive branding and grow your businesses.

Creating Custom Formatting Tweets and Posts

If you want to catch eyeballs, then you have to stand differently than others, it is as simple as it gets. So when you are posting your content or posts on a cluttered social media network like Facebook and Twitter, then it is important you do something different. Creating a custom format for your tweets and posts will definitely do the trick. Set a custom formatted font or way of posting for your brand and use it consistently. It will not only associate brand equity with the formatting but also allow you to catch direct attention in the midst of all that clutter over the social media.

Use Opinion Leaders

Tag up partnerships with social media celebrities and get your messages viral through them. Social media celebrities are people who have become famous on social media for one reason or another. There are many of those in today’s world and you can select the ones that are relevant to your brand or business. This will not only give you the organic reach and viral element to your post but also get you an added avenue to target your users following that particular person on social media.

Call to Action

In all the scenarios and situations, call to action still remains the focal point. Subtly ask your users online to take certain action after they have seen your content or the post. If there is no proper call to action or direction in your social media posts, your content will lose its value and recall.

Facilitate Meaningful Connections

Encourage a two-way communication on your social media platforms. Design a schedule to talk to people, answer their questions and appreciate their participation on the brand page. This helps facilitate meaningful connections with the brand which is only possible on the social media front.

Question: Did you find useful these tips to drive branding? What else can you use? Please share your ideas and comment here!