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Writers have always been attached to their preferred tools. Some of them have purely practical reasons to use a particular writing tool or technique, while others are driven by mere superstition.

Best Resources and Tools for More Productive Writers

Even if you are an established and respected writer who has mastered the fundamental writing techniques, you can still use great tools that will make you more productive and help you relate to your readers. The following list will provide you with writing tools and techniques that are worth exploring.

  1. Checkvist. This is minimalistic, but powerful software application that enables you to manage checklists online. The keyboard-driven method is easy to get used to and will enhance your speed and effectiveness when sharing content across multiple users and devices. You can use Checklist to take notes and capture your ideas on the go, create plans and get inspired to execute them.
  2. Magic of Healing Music. This is not a writing tool per se, but you will be surprised to realize how the right music can make you a better author. The music of Bruce and Brian Becvar has been designed to activate, ground, or calm your energy and help you achieve a state of mind that’s perfect for getting your creative juices flowing.
  3. Ninja Essays. With the help of, you can easily surpass any blockage by getting professional help from accomplished writers. In addition to writing assistance, you can also hire professional editors who will clean up your mess at a really affordable price. Every writer needs an editor, so don’t try to neglect the importance of this profession. Thanks to Ninja Essays, professional editing services are more effective and cheaper than ever before.
  4. OmmWriter. Creating the perfect surroundings includes finding the right writing software that’s free of all unnecessary features and distractions, but provides everything you could possibly need in the most subtle interface. OmmWriter has been proven as one of the best writing tools that enable you to focus on your work in peace. You will be inspired not only by the zen background and calming music but also by the keystroke sounds that will get you excited to type faster.
  5. Ambiance. The environment that surrounds you has an immense effect on the work you produce. If you write in the living room while your family members are having a discussion, you are likely to forget about all cool ideas when trying to calm everyone down. Ambiance is an app that will help you relax no matter where you’re at, and create the perfect surrounding that will inspire you to work effectively.
  6. Steven Pressfield Online. Even the best writers could use some general tips from time to time. This blog is possibly the most useful online resource for aspiring writers who want to get better in their work and produce content their readers will enjoy in. Steven Pressfield is a well-known author who tells the world how he deals with the moments of resistance and self-sabotage through the right strategies.
  7. Brain Pickings. This is the right spot for contemporary writers who want to learn from some of the world’s greatest thinkers and authors. You will get inspired on a daily basis with information on what matters in the world and why it is important. As soon as you start exploring Brain Pickings, you will be surprised to realize that you are interested in things you didn’t find amusing before.
  8. Free Plagiarism Checker. You can use this free online plagiarism checker to detect plagiarized content. Just copy and paste your text to detect plagiarism from billions of sources. A very useful tool!
  9. QuillBot. QuillBot is an AI-powered EdTech writing platform that provides over 60 million users with free online writing and research tools to help them research and communicate ideas effectively. Whether it’s emails, essays, social media posts, or blogs, the platform includes productivity enhancing tools such as Grammar Checker, Summarizer, Plagiarism Checker, Co-writer, etc. that are also used by leading colleges and writing centers, majorly in the United States and Asia.

Improve your writing style with the right tools and resources!

If you are a writer and you’re not motivated to become better, then you might as well write a private diary that won’t be publicly distributed. As any other contemporary author, you surely want to become more productive and attractive to your readers. Start exploring the above-listed tools and you will discover new ways of dealing with your writing demons.

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