ViralTag is your new command center for growing your influence in the Pinterest and Instagram. It is one of the best Pinterest & Instagram marketing platforms around, allowing you the effortless raise of your audience and the automation of your marketing activities for growing your brand or personal visibility to the web.


ViralTag is a user-friendly application aiming at coordinating, channel and streamline all your marketing efforts relating to the visual content. It is targeting primarily to Pinterest and Instagram but its value its great as far as marketing concerns the visual content (i.e. images, pictures, pictograph, infographics, info-maps, etc.)

ViralTag – Say It With images!

Today, we are in the position to know the strength and the capabilities can bring to a brand its exposure to networks as Pinterest and Instagram and ViralTag can help you to grow your audience many times more!

This is especially true for visual content, something that it seams create a large conversion rate today!

ViralTag is an imaged focused marketing platform which helps you to share your visual content across the various network at the time and with the rate you want!

Strictly speaking, ViralTag is an integrated Pinterest and Instagram management and analytics platform trying to make a difference in a world of many other similar tools as, the TailWind, the Pin Groupie, the Viral Tag, the HootSuite, etc.

Its main power lays in its simplicity and its interconnectivity with many social networks and Canva.

ViralTag Accounts

ViralTag Main Features

ViralTag has many advanced features (integrated image manipulation, scheduling facilities, browser extension, etc.) can help you, your team and your brand to coordinate and deliver the best visual content to the most suitable networks!

ViralTag File

The most useful and powerful features of ViralTag are focused in 4 main areas:

  • Content Management. ViralTag permits you to have an integrated management of all your visual content! You can organize your content from your online storage locations (like Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, Picasa, etc.), or develop new visual content use the integration with Canva, etc. At the end, you can measure the impact of your visual content using the analytics and traffic services!
  • Discover new content for your campaigns. ViralTag permits you searching all your own visual contact as well as stock photos and images via content RSS and use them to your marketing campaign, or developing new with Canva integration. And,
  • Schedule posts. ViralTag, help you to enhance your reach by developing and coordinating focused and on the point marketing campaigns and schedule seamlessly your visual content for publication on specific time! The scheduling feature allows you to develop a constant flow of content on your favorite social networks, enhancing your reach and the visibility of your brand!
  • Canva Integration. ViralTag provides seamless integration with Canva for the development and authoring of new visual content.

In total, ViralTag is a very valuable tool, you should take a look at it and use it for growing your impact and traffic!

Go start today and try it! After you do send me your comments or write your opinion, here!