I’m thinking lately, a lot of weak links. The things that can break the chain, any chain. A Markov chain, a cause-effect chain or a network of events, a Seinfeld’s (no interruption) chain, a rational chain, a planning chain, a strategy (a whole series of action directed towards a goal).

Weak Links

The best planning, the best well-prepared chain of events, depends, though, on its weakest link!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

Your life, your achievements, your gains, your loss, and many more other things, are all the result of your choices. You select your goals, your review your principles and values and you try to carry out your goals.

Your choices make you what you are today (along with what you have, own, command, love, cherish, etc.) Every choice though, you made, is the result of your deliberation according to your personal limits, principles, and values. And if you are serious about your choices,  your personal choices are a matter of accountability.

But every result is the output of a well prepared (or not!), random or deliberated, a chain of events. Some of that are the ones you have decided upon, others are the result of random events, that either you manage or failed to make them work in favor you.

If you see back to the sequence of the events, brought you to a favorite (or disadvantage!) position, you would notice (and admit), that only sporadically you could control the sequence of the live events at the moment, even though some of them may produce a favorite output, due to random, and irrelevant to you, reasons!

Emphasis On The Small Details

An old saying says that “the Devil is in the detail“, implying that you have to check all the things, even the minute ones, in order to bring the result you want. It is a common knowledge that usually are the small things that can bring a large impact, as chaos theory dictates!

The focus in all the involved details of a venture is usually something separates the amateur to professional. The amateur tries to do the job, where the professional would try to produce an outstanding result! If certain things left without attention, even within the context of a meticulous planning, usually go to the wrong way (check and the Second Law of Thermodynamics)!

This is the reason you should be vigilant in all the aspects of an activity, in order to bring the desired outcome!

Weak Links

Usual suspects for an unfavorite output are usually:

  • poor scheduling & planning
  • miscalculations about some “facts of life”
  • unforeseen events if life
  • lack of direction, of clearly defined goals and of objectives
  • the absence of a clear-cut strategy toward a clearly defined goal(s)
  • wrong estimation of your strengths and your limitations
  • the sluggishness of someone at committing all his/her effort, in order to produce the desired output

All these reasons, and perhaps, many more, are “weak links“. Things we miscalculated and, usually, have multiplied a bad effect for us.

In this situation, the only response is yourself. Because you let yourself become a part of the problem you want to solve, instead of a part of the solution you want to achieve!

Question: Are you the weak link, or the stronger one in the chain of the events define your life? You would let to be a part of the problem or you would try to be a part of the required solution you want to achieve?