I was thinking this question when I was aiming at meeting an old friend! Not that my friend has nothing to do with the content of the question. Not at all. He was a very special and gifted person, lovable to all and with a lot of distinctions in his professional field!

What Makes You Special?

He had also managed over the years to stay very close to his family, friends, and associates while building a thriving and ever-growing small business with limited investments and without an obsessed focus on what’s next!

He had managed to surface over many crises with more experiences than scars and kept a balance across all his endeavors! But this is not a post for my successful friend! My friend was just the trigger for me to think about what makes him so special. And what you can do to be special as well!

You see the point is for you to be special and how can I help you achieve that! Deep down, I believe that everyone is special, in his/her own special and unique way! The trick is how you can convince him/her to act as such.

The action is the key because only by doing you can:

  • reflect your inner strengths and weaknesses,
  • establish triggers that prompt you do something to bring you closer to your goals,
  • develop
    • habits,
    • assets,
    • beliefs
    • mindset
    • knowledge
    • skills and
    • behaviors to make you what you want, and grow in the right direction!

Doing and thinking can be bonded in action, and when this is done, it is magic!

No! Rather is a form of art!

You become special by keeping your word and your commitments; by being responsible and accountable; by dreaming and sharing your dreams with other people; by helping friends, laughing more and complaining less; by finding solutions rather than creating problems; by being authentic rather someone like “one of the guys“; by deciding using your own abilities rather following others’ opinion; by listening before you speak, attending before intervene, cultivate before destroy; by developing leaders rather than followers; by leaving behind you something of value for the other people to have, rather for just your family; by doing, thinking and sharing!

What makes you SPECIAL is the way you handle things. As Aldous Huxley pointed out:

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you. (BrainyQuote)

And it is a daily process.

So what makes you special?

Question: Do you think that you are special? How do you achieve that? What would you do, to achieve it? Please comment, here!