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Within the initial 10 minutes in an interview, it is decided whether a person is worth hiring or not by the interviewer, as it is a known fact. For most of the readers this might as well be exciting yet scary. It is about casting a spell after all, isn’t it? So, one should be extra cautious while being interviewed. The expression of ‘Casting a Spell’ globally is gravely misunderstood, particularly by women as it is of the essence to learn the do’s and don’ts of an interview. The impression of the interviewee on the interviewer must be such that it lasts forever and must be captivating enough to acquire the intended job. In order for women to bag their jobs right away, mentioned below are some pointers to make the case.

Is the existence of a Dream JOB Actual?

‘Wow’! ‘This is an Ideal Job for me’ or ‘I always dreamed about this kind of Job’ are the statements used by most of the women to astound their interviewers; however interviewers like to think otherwise. There is a saying that a ‘Dream / Ideal Job’ does not exist because for any kind of job an individual has to perform a lot things that are unpleasant in nature or not embraced by the employee. A survey estimated that a hefty 69% of employers stated that such replies are neither liked nor appreciated.

Ex-Bosses should never be smacked-off!

Ex-Superior’s defamation or that of your company’s is never appreciated and will NOT help the cause rather such behavior will only lessen your chances of getting recruited and your credibility.

Do NOT Flaunt that you are HOT, someplace it’s not required!

Women with Bold behavior and outgoing approach are highly appreciated in the recruiting process is somewhat a myth, because a professional recruiter would genuinely and only be interested in your abilities to perform and skills let alone your charm or looks. Dressing-up in a professional office environment is worlds different from going out on dinners or date for that matter.

You SHOULD know – Salary is NOT Everything!

It would not be wise on your part to be discussing your salary during interview, particularly if it’s your first appearance in a certain company, as queries related to salary are not appreciated by the interviewer. You must NOT be the initiator to such discussions unless asked about it, as only a small number of employers like to discuss remuneration in the first meeting, so be very selective of what you may Ask!

However, query regarding the business process of the company or it’s in depth history are highly appreciated in an interview.

Do NOT lose the serene!

When it comes to expressing emotions in a meeting, timing is of the essence no matter where at. However an interviewer will judge you as per your emotional call because a determined yet hardworking individual is less likely to be very emotional, so it’s yet again a No can do. Interviewee’s response must be accurate and firm which will reflect an unwavering and a strong personality.

Are you Serious! No Jeans?

All kinds of meetings have their dress-codes and so does an interview, which is obviously a formal one and your interviewer expects you to be Ladylike, casual attitude or casual dressing will ONLY leave an appalling impression and will eventually lead you towards a turning down of the offer. After all IT is a serious posting that you considered or isn’t it?

Connecting to interviewer is significant; however the key is to get the Job!

Sometimes the interviewee connects to the recruiter, however through a different channel on a personal level but that will not end up in getting you a job, which is the real deal. It’s been observed that a number of women attend to their cell-phones between interviews, which is a BIG turn-off for the employer as it completely distracts them both from the discussion therefore NOT recommended at all

Being late for an Interview is almost as if YOU are a NO Show!

The department for Human Resource is always of the view that the interviewee must come in at-least 10-15 minutes ahead of its scheduled time, which will ensure timely walk-in inside the meeting room, which is highly appreciated in a professional environment and it also, creates a punctual yet serious towards job impression. As the expression goes that ‘Time is Money’ and you would not want to waste the money whether it’s your Boss’ or yours for that matter.

The chances of you being recruited and selected for a job may as well improve to great lengths, if you are to take these pointers into consideration. I would ask of you all to go through it and share your opinions as well.