Who are you going to be in 5 years? This is the million dollar (or Euros !!!) question. And is a tricky one, loaded with a lot of connotations, alluring you, the most times, to a more easy, more dreamy state of existence in which you become the hero of your life, solving just-in-hand complex problems and situations, becoming a limitless omnipotent creature, capable of succeeding in every situation.

Who Are You Going To Be In 5 Years?

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Most of the times the most people will contend with these dreams, triggered by the question and… soon would forget it, or at the most times would consider as a motivational gimmick, enriching their everyday life.

Doing Versus Dreaming

But as I said, the question is a tricky one. It resists the easy explanation and in reality, it is capable of transforming your life in a more than one ways. For those who considered a little further, it poses a fierce dichotomy in everyone reality. Namely the juxtaposition between dreaming and doing, the opposition of reality and fantasy.

The one, the dreaming part, implies a lucid state of mind, a  more relaxed, easy-going way of living while the other the doing part is more disciplined based, demanding for goals, deadlines, management, personal transformations, habit changes.

The one is easy and easily shorthanded, the other is time and energy consuming.

For this reason, the most people stay in the first state, that of the dreaming, forgetting (or even negate) the other part of the equation. Because, it is indeed an equation for very demanding solvers that one, implying the integration of two parts in a whole that would be a whole (in every aspect) life.

In fact dreaming and doing are complementary (even interconnected) parts of our life if cooperate in the framework of a disciplined approach.

First, the dreamer in everyone in us must visualize his present state considering who he/she is, the things that like to change, the life he wants to live. The output of this procedure would be taken by the doer in us and transform it into a vision, concrete actions, plans, strategy, actions, milestones, charts, calendars, deadlines, etc. Or in other words, as someone answered to his son when in an argument he/she asks him/her “since you know all the answers, why you are not a king“, he replied, “because it was not on my agenda !!!“.

Actually, there are not shorthand, because, it has been said:

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. – Lewis Carroll 

… implying that when you don’t know where you go, every road is the same. So it is imperative for you, me, everyone to know where he/she/we are going in order to develop a road towards there.

A Difficult Path? Who Are You Going To Be In 5 Years?

It needs a lot of deep self-understanding and self-actualization in order to surpass the state of dreaming and move to the realm of doing. It implies the change of your ”

It implies the change of your “identity“, to forget old convenient habits, to direct yourself both inwards as outward in a consistent, disciplined manner, that provide meaning in your actions and value added to the life of your surrounding people. It presupposes baby continuing steps towards the dismantling of our entire ”

It presupposes baby steps towards the dismantling of your entire “ecosystem” in which you have become accustomed to living and breathe with ease and the reconstructing it based on your visions, your goals, and your indented paths. It is worth it the effort, someone may ask. I don’t know. The answer, evolving around the answer of many

“It is worth it the effort?”, someone may ask. I don’t know.

The answer, evolving around the answer of many IFs and is something to be responded to everyone according to his/her values, principles, directions, or to remain unanswered forever (eliminating thus the possibility to become another Zahir, that would hound his/her life).

So, Who Are You Going To Be 5, 7, 10, … Years?

But the fact is that the journey towards his/her own goals and purposes, worth every penny even only for the fact that he/she would know better the other one, who, to the most of us, is yourself. Or even only for the fact that we need to believe in the strong words of William Ernest Henley, in his poem Invictus (Unconquered): “I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul“.

In any case, the choice is ours.

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