Top Tips for Starting Your Freelance Writing Career

Remote working is something that is fast becoming a popular career option. Being a freelance writer is no exception. It lets you work from anywhere in the world in your own time, something that not many other jobs can allow.

Top Tips for Starting Your Freelance Writing Career

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Methods Of Improving Communication In The Workplace

5 Approaches For Success In Business Communication

Good communication is one of the most important aspects of keeping an efficiently run business. It allows everyone within your staff base to feel heard and appreciated, creating a positive working environment. In contrast, poor communication can result in reduced work speed and poor morale within your employees.

Methods of Improving Communication in the Workplace

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3 Employee Perks to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Your employees are undoubtedly your business’s most important asset. They are the key to unlocking your business’s commercial success. The workplace culture that exists in your organization is more than just keeping your employees happy so that they remain productive – it’s a key business strategy to ensure your business’s longevity and growth.

3 Employee Perks to Improve Your Workplace Culture

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6 Ways Mobile Technology Boosts Workspace Productivity

Today’s guest article has been written by Catrin Cooper. Catrin is blogger and freelance writer from New York. She’s always ready to cover topics related to personal development, marketing, and education. If you like her work, you can follow here at Google+.

Boosting your workspace productivity can be challenging. Sometimes, your employees are effective. They always contribute to your organization. In other times, they just struggle.

6 Ways Mobile Technology Boosts Workspace Productivity

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Is Discomfort At Work Killing Your Productivity?

The idea of being comfortable at work used to be laughed off as a joke. These days, however, things are a little different. Studies suggest that higher levels of employee comfort are linked to higher levels of productivity. So, the next time you or one of your workers moans about their posture or difficulty in using a piece of equipment, you should take note.

Is Discomfort At Work Killing Your Productivity? - Sleeping

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Is Your Business Teleworking? Improve Communication Today

In the 90s, teleworking (or “telecommuting” as it was known then) became a fairly popular topic. This, of course, is the art of using new technology to work from home instead of at the office. Things weren’t very sophisticated then, and it didn’t take off on a grand scale. It did give birth to an interesting mantra, though. “Work is what we do, not where we are.”

Improve Communication Today

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Make The Shift Of A Lifetime: From Work Cubicle To Home (Are You Ready?)

This is a guest post, by Patrick Del Rosario of Open Colleges, presenting some practical tips on how you can make the shift from working to your office towards working in your home. Check it, out!

Making the shift is not easy! Working from home has a number of great benefits, including the ability to work from anywhere you choose and set your own work hours, design and decorate your own workspace, make more time for family or friends and wear whatever you want every single day.

Make The Shift Of A Lifetime: Working From Home

Bring Light To Your Office!

This is a guest post by Melisa Marzett, an experienced writer in the fields of leadership, psychology, and management. Today she is focusing on the effects of the light to your office. You can follow her on Google+.

Bringing light to your office is not an easy issue. Light is one of the major issues for everyone, as Goethe’s last words, (metaphorically) signify! The majority of the employees spends at least eight hours in the office every day. The atmosphere and the conditions in the office influence not only mood, physical state and the loyalty of employees. Recent studies have proven that lighting plays a key role in the establishment of a working atmosphere, and the use of correct lighting solutions noticeably increases productivity.

Bring Light to Your Office!