Writebox: A Versatile Text Productivity Tool

Writebox - A Distraction Free Writing Environment

Writebox – A Distraction-Free Writing Environment in Your Browser

One of my favorite productivity tools is a text editor for the Google Chrome called Writebox. It is one of the small tools, that if you use a lot of files, can enhance your productivity, many times over.

I write a lot! And that involves a lot of the things: Notes, code, a short memo, tasks, forget me not type of things, outlines, ideas, writing for me, etc. I use various tools with different functionality for performing my writing tasks.

Applications I Use For Writing

Among the applications most often I use, the most notable are:

  • Microsoft Word (both in desktop and online versions) For document development, process, editing, authoring, etc and generally for every document incentive task.
  • Google Docs (as the MS Word).
  • Evernote. For a central place of notes organization, retrieval, ideas and posts development, notes and web capturing, etc.
  • Scrivener. For elaborated, organized outlines, books, longer articles, etc, (i.e. Authoring, in general)
  • ResophNotes. For quick notes and notes organization.
  • notepad++. For notes, quick ideas, capturing and collecting ideas, programming, and code, tasks, etc.
  • Windows notepad (I use it, as I use the notepad++) for quick notes and ideas, as an intermediate clipboard (for long clips I want to further process) [!!!], etc.

A Small Note on Productivity

Part of my daily workflow is the writing procedures of many and different documents, scripts and texts. During a day I may:

  • Develop a proposal, a business development plan, a marketing plan, a business scenario or plan for a client, a document, a white paper, a report, etc
  • Develop, write or correct code either in structured (integrated) programming environments or in single files
  • Write tasks, managerial procedures, deadlines, errors, phones to be made or mail to be send, etc
  • Write or develop posts, articles, ideas, etc
  • Write tasks, forget me not, ideas, capture loose ends, etc
  • Keep notes for articles, books, things I want to write
  • Script development and writing for automation of various procedures, etc
  • Develop outlines for writings I’d like to do
  • Design marketing or promotion procedures and materials
  • Document procedures, tasks, activities, measurements, results, etc
  • Planning future activities, purchases, equipment, etc

to name only a few.

As you can see all these involve a lot of writing and for this reason, I need specialized tools to carry out the different tasks.

Moreover, considering that I use many computers with different Operational Systems (such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.), I need a simple way that covers my computing requirements. During the years, various productivity approaches have been developed, based on simple text files, such as the Todotxt.com, todo.txt manager, Org Mode – Organize Your Life In Plain Text!, Geek to Live: List your life in .txt, Geek to Live: Script your life in .txt, My txt setup, My Org-Fu System, and many more.

Based on such approaches, the major bulk of the files I develop or use (in their original form and before I process them) is in plain text or markdown (text) files, stored within a specific folder in Dropbox. In that way, I have all my notes in one place and in sync among the different platform I use!

From this folder, I usually I retrieve the appropriate file for the process, according to the job I have to do.

Writebox: Another Cloud Text Editor Or A Productivity Tool

For the multitude of the tasks I have to do, during a day, I have found lately, indispensable the help or the Writebox. Writebox is a cloud text application that supports:

  • Integration with Google Chrome If you want You May Install The Writebox in Chrome From Here
  • Integration with Dropbox (load and save) and local support
  • Markdown language support
  • Distraction free mode of operation
  • Simple Writing environment
  • Off-line and Online operation
  • Auto-save capabilities
  • Shortcuts Support
  • 2 Download modes of operation (.txt & .html)
  • Indication of the number of characters, words & lines

As a general impression, I would say, that Writebox is a valuable productivity tool, worth a place in your toolkit.

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