How To Write 4 In Between 5?

Is it possible to write 4 in between 5? Is it a math quiz? Is it challenging to answer? Or not!

It is a question made without a particular reason! Perhaps out of amusement, boredom, or simple, out of jest! It is a question, though, all the same, and it needs an answer.

How To Write 4 In Between 5?

80% of the responders, could not find the correct answer! Or any answer at all, for what’s matter. Could not make the “significant” link, would provide them with a base of reference. It is not math or rocket science. It just needs a different approach, to reach the solution! Exactly just as innovation.

What Is The Question About?

Innovation is defined as producing something new from old materials! Or simple:

Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, in-articulated needs, or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets, governments and society. The term innovation can be defined as something original and, as a consequence, new, that “breaks into” the market or society. (Wikipedia: Innovation)

But, what does innovation mean? It is just a shifting from common thought patterns to new thinking ways; that permits you to explore a different approach!

I Tell You A Story!

Let me tell you a story! Once upon a time, I, as an unconditional admirer of the work (and mind) of Leonardo Da Vinci, had a good fortune (and the rare opportunity) to visit a gallery in London, exhibiting some of his best work.

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I was very excited for the opportunity to admire some of his paintings and constructions, in real life! I was particular interested in seeing one of his drawings; I was very impressed about, the Vitruvian Man. But when I approach closer to see one of my all times favorite masterpieces of Maître, I was surprised. And not in the good sense!

The drawing had nothing to do with the picture I had in my mind! The Vitruvian man is a small drawing, depicting the art of proportions, reproduced by thousand copies and forms, all over the world. It is considered, along with Mona Lisa, one of the “trademarks” of Leonardo‘s work.

Where was the awe? The excitement; the feelings, I had originally, associate with that drawing; the elevation of spirit provided by the perfect depiction of a man’s analogy in an imperfect world? Nowhere. It was just as watching a picture, conveying no special meaning in me. And having that in mind, I started to move backward to leave, the room. I was not particularly fond of losing all the remaining associations, meaning, and feelings, related to that drawing! But, as I move towards the exit, I saw from a small distance the masterpiece, I had in my mind! It was just a case of shifting perspective!

Write 4 In Between 5!

Just as the answer to our original question. Let’s review the question again: how to write 4 in between 5? Did you find it? The answer of how to write 4 in between 5 is quite easy, actually. It needs just a mental shifting on how you use to see things. Creative process usually associates with such “shifts”. You need to change the mental limits and proceed to different thought paths. As Ludwig Wittgenstein have stated:

The world is my world: this is manifest in the fact that the limits of language (of that language which alone I understand) mean the limits of my world. (5.62) (WikiQuote: Ludwig Wittgenstein)

If that so, perhaps a re-writing of the question, provides the necessary keys to solving the puzzle! Check this:

  • Original Question: How to write 4 in between 5?
  • Original statement: Write 4 in between 5
  • Re-Written statement: Write IV in F[IV]E

Now you see the solution? It is a mind trick, I hear you saying. Nobody, argue with that, but the process towards the solution (the creative thinking process) is what matters most. In the same way, you write 9 in between six (or IX in between S[IX], etc.). Neat trick, isn’t?

What’s in It for Me?

Word games, you would say. Or puzzles for the idle hours. Perhaps! But these “puzzles”, use the same mechanisms, as the innovation process or the creativity does. The practice of finding answers to these “odd” questions, as the “how to write 4 in between 5?”, can make to see the opportunities and the perspectives, lay ahead of you, in a different view. A view that, maybe, can provide you with a different business (or personal development) opportunity!

You take old materials, familiar things and concepts and make something new, use them differently, apply them to different areas, “bend”, “hack” or “twist” their usability! An apple is an apple! Correct? Perhaps! It depends on the eye of the beholder, I will argue.

For Sir Isaac Newton, an apple was a sign for the existence of a physical force (the gravity), not realized, until his discovery, while for Steven Jobs an apple was the crux of his innovation edge and an umbrella focusing his efforts!

Question: How you see an apple? Are you going to see, the world with a different eye? What a different perspective, would bring to your life? Do you think, that now, you can write 4 in between 5?

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