I would like to ask you for a favor!

This is my 2013 Readers Survey. It is a small readers survey related to my blog (http://takisathanassiou.com) and the subjects it covers. These readers survey it has been compiled to gather all the necessary information for making my blog more useful to the needs and requirements of my readers.

Take My 2013 Readers Survey

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Please take some time to fill in my 2013 Readers Survey (really it does not take that long!) for my blog where there are questions related to you and your interaction with my blog and other social media sites.

Why Are You So Important?

Your response is valuable for updating my site and developing more focused posts to you and to your requirements.

This readers survey related directly to my strategic goal:

to create meaningful and readily applicable approaches, schemes, etc, providing insights, interconnections and tools that, I believe, can create a positive difference in various areas, and empower the people in their everyday personal and professional life.

In this direction, your response and comments would be valuable and much appreciated.

Moreover, when I would have some more information about your interests, I would be able to develop better content, ideas, and approaches that you be more readily able to apply in your everyday life.

Please Take My 2013 Readers Survey

Thank you, in advance, for your participation.

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