Here is my 2013 scorecard, or my 2014 design. It is custom this time of the year (early 2014) to review what you have accomplished in the previous year and what you planning to accomplish in the year that comes. I, usually, don’t subscribe to this kind of ventures (I do reviews much more often than once a year and modify my plans, goals, etc. accordingly! – on a more frequent base).

Preparing for 2014

For me this time of the year, is a chance to milestone some of the things, that have develop a huge momentum in my life (this helps me to continue in my course, to stop and reflect, to move forward, to assist someone, to help someone to find his road, to thank someone(s), to honor someone or something else, etc).

I strongly believe that you first realize your boundaries, and then you surpass them! (it is just a point of view, of course(!); and any point of view is valid, as far as provide the desired and intended results in the reality). So without further ado, this is a small list of things, that I have accomplished in 2013 and I would like to achieve in 2014.

Things, I’m Particularly Proud Of In 2013

  1. I have developed a blog, with a dedicated domain, and I’m gone self-hosted! (Check more details here)
  2. I Wrote a book! – I wrote 2 actually[!], with raw material and thoughts from this blog. One is the free book every subscriber in my blog receives, and the other is published in Amazon (Leadership Initiative Papers – Glimpses on a Changing Scenery)
  3. I start to develop different working paths and venues, along with my consulting business, and that was much rewarding.
  4. I have started to develop and evolve various different mindsets and skills, along with the roles, I needed to embody (employ!) for the works have to be done for my business, site, blog, etc.
  5. I’m starting to develop an online business around this blog; a trend that, hopefully, would be evolved in a successful business path, during next years.
  6. I gathered and mastered various resources, aiming at resulting in various business products (either as learning courses or as different types of content).
  7. I established my 2013 online survey, in order to gather more data for my blog and the preference of my readers.
  8. In this year, I started employing more blogging platforms in my causes (either as outposts of my main platform or as autonomous sites with diversified purposes; check more in my About page!). Furthermore, I started to expand my social media reach in different platforms, testing my limits and the media channels, as far my main objectives, concerns, in order to benchmark its future use for my objectives. Moreover, I started to write original material and content for various third party sites!
  9. I start playing along and tweaking with PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and themes development, trying to do some things on my site! I had a really long time to delve within and actively involved in coding (in a professional manner!) and it was, well, rather refreshing! Of course, I have a lot more to learn.
  10. I started following some course online, aiming at maintaining or accumulate more information about the running and commercialization of online business and the ways income can be automatized and automated. In this context, I follow courses for business startups and business modeling, behavioral economics, coding and web development, and such, … Many of the topics, discussed in this blog, originate on questions and discussion from such courses!

Things, I’m Continue Doing And I Will Continue To Develop In 2014

  1. Help people to find their way on a personal or professional level.
  2. Listen to what some people have to say (friends, family, etc) when they needed to and providing my full focus and attention to what they have to say.
  3. Provide consulting, training and professional help, not only to my clients but to wannabes future businessmen, colleges, associates, etc.
  4. Continue consulting in e-business and e-Learning fields, trying to establish and develop a new business model and assets, in an era of a very scarce, indeed, resources.
  5. Enhance my abilities, by following up and participating in courses and conferences, online meetings, buying books, etc.
  6. Develop my business and my blog/site, providing a more commercialized front and back end.

Things, I’m Planning To Do On A Regular Basis During 2014 – My 2014 Design!

  1. Development of a new newsletter with a more specific scope and content.
  2. Development of new products!
  3. Redesign of the site and constant improvement on the theme, functionality, etc.
  4. Employment of more multimedia forms of content presentation, and content production in different media!
  5. Strategic positioning in the areas of business, training, leadership, productivity, social media and blogging!
  6. Development of new channels of communication, enhance my platform and establishment of a personal brand.
  7. Provision of quality based and time-critical consulting and e-learning services and enhanced of my associates’ network with new talents and experts!
  8. Development of a mentor’s network, aid me both personal and professional
  9. Enhance networking in order to establish valid contacts, connections and strategic alliances with prospects, leads and significant others (either for personal, social or business purposes)
  10. Write some more books!
  11. Outsourcing task that takes me more than adequate(1) time and focuses on the important matters of my personal and professional life.

These are some of the important things on my list! What’s on your list for 2014?