There are 3 basic elements for personal development and success in personal and professional life. These are the commitment, the engagement in action and the cultivation. The commitment and the engagement in action are the two faces of a truly self-directedgoal and principle-based life and the two-thirds of a set of factors that includes the “cultivation”, which provides meaning, context and duration to the things we commit and engage.

3 Components of personal development and success

The more we work and live, the more we end up in endless loops of things to do, to achieve, to aim, to pursue. Sometimes, it seems that we are standing still in a spot, and we found our self, reluctant to move on, forth or sideways to achieve a better view of what’s happening and let our self-drift apart, under the pressure of urgent and now.

You know the situation? Is it familiar to you?

In this situation, we need solid anchors to bound us in the direction we have chosen to follow. Moreover, we need a framework of thinking and doing to support us toward the achievement of our goals and further our personal development towards our chosen path.

Personal Development Commitments

These anchors are our commitment to our goals and dreams, the engagement in action for implementing them and the cultivation of our self, and of all the related levels of reference (personal, professional, financial, social, spiritual, etc.) that would support our course.

The more you commit to a goal, to a situation, to a relationship, to a principle the more you gain as an output and more win-win situations you build.

The more you engage in your chosen activities, more depth and understanding is gained, i.e. more personal knowledge about yourself and the responses of all the participants.

But both, commitment and engagement in action without constant cultivation are nothing more but asymptotic bursts of energy, with a limited time span. You need the cultivation in order to integrate all the rest components to a coherent framework of work and life that would have context and content and duration throughout the time.

Cultivate Good Habits

As a knowledgeable, self-directed and principle based person you need to cultivate everything you want to have a duration and build the prerequisites for developing trust and a “legacy” to be adopted and be followed by others (i.e. a solid foundation for a [self] leadership oriented life).

The cultivation of things is not just a new skill of doing things, is a habit that should be, again, cultivated, in order to be your second nature.

This “habit”, eventually would propagate its results to all aspects of your life, providing a solid background for the development of yourself with more self-awareness, better working, health, lifestyle, financial, spiritual and fulfilling habits and results,  richer connections and relationships,  more thorough understating of your surroundings, etc.

Αll these results, when supported by the commitment to your goals and your engagement in action in order to implement them, gain momentum and further your personal development.