Your employees are undoubtedly your business’s most important asset. They are the key to unlocking your business’s commercial success. The workplace culture that exists in your organization is more than just keeping your employees happy so that they remain productive – it’s a key business strategy to ensure your business’s longevity and growth.

3 Employee Perks to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Image Source: Pixabay

A positive workplace culture improves client and customer satisfaction as it promotes positivity across the board and increases staff retention.

So how can you improve your organization’s positivity workplace culture?

One way to have a positive impact is to introduce employee perks that will excite and motivate, but also make your employees feel valued.

You more than likely already have traditional employee incentives as a standard – medical insurance, pension, or paid vacations, but these have financial benefits to your employee.

Employee perks that improve workplace culture are more focused on benefiting their lifestyle and work-life balance and enhances their daily lives.

Here are 3 employee perks to improve your workplace culture.

1. Flexible Working

You may shudder at the thought of introducing flexible working hours and the impact that it would have on your business.

However, flexible working is not a free for all with employees strolling in whenever it suits them. You can set core hours that people need to be attending the office, you can allow working from home, or simply allowing parents to attend a school play within office hours.

By being flexible, you are showing your employees that you respect them as individuals rather than just being human capital for your business.

2. Invest In Being Thoughtful

Set aside some of your budget for employee perks. It doesn’t have to be a large amount that will make your accountant raise an eyebrow.

It could be a weekly bowl of fruit for the office, quality premium office-coffee or even a jar of sweets. These are only small gestures, but they have a big impact on how your staff will perceive how you think about them.

Also, consider giving employees their birthday off work – it just shows that you care.

3. Recognize And Reward

Employees want their efforts to be recognized by their leadership.

It is a great motivator to repeat the behavior when you are told that you have done a job well. Not recognizing good work and effort can lead to staff feeling apathetic which damages your workplace culture and spreads like wildfire.

Recognize good work and reward it. You don’t have to implement a monetary reward scheme, you can reward through a variety of ways:

  • A day paid leave
  • Gift vouchers to their favorite store
  • Publicize in your organization’s newsletter or memo

The aim of having a positive workplace culture is to show your employees the respect that they deserve so that they continue to give your organization 110% but to do this, you must take some responsibility for their sense of health and wellbeing.

A stressed, an overworked and underpaid employee will not be performing to their best ability – be respectful of your workforce, and they will reciprocate and appreciate the balance that working for you have given them.

A positive workplace culture will make people want to work for you – staff quality and retention will improve, performance will improve, and your profits will be boosted too.