Saving money for the future is always a good idea but how about putting money to good use by checking beginning online investment portfolios with little money upfront and that can potentially pay off in years to come? All investments are long-term and masses of cash shouldn’t be expected, but there are some excellent ways to invest money.

Be aware that any investment comes with inherent risk and your capital could be lost due to any number of circumstances such as economic impact, inflation, and industry collapse. That being said, some of the safer investments you can make now include:

  • Real estate
  • Funds
  • Franchises

Real estate is one of the best investments you can make but the market can fluctuate wildly while funds are tricky and volatile, they can pay off large amounts in the long term and franchises are an excellent way to earn extra money if you are willing to put in the work.

Real Estate

Dealing with or investing in property is a tried and tested method with good earning potential. While you may or may not be trading in multimillion-dollar assets with large percentage gains, you can make some good extra money from properties. Investing in real estate has many options including ETFs, online pools, and real estate notes, all of which come with their own risks and options.

However, investing in real estate is a very professional and competitive industry which might require you to employ the skills of a real estate investor marketing agency that can help make the most of your property’s time on the market by driving traffic through various web-based methods such as SEO, web management and lead generation.


Investing in funds is one of the most popular investment types around and because of the growing list of new online brokers with apps and sites it has nerve been easier to invest in a fund. A fund is a pool of money that is handled by a professional firm and invested further into enterprises that may or may not pay dividends such as stocks, shares, and pensions.

Although you can invest directly, unless you are experienced with investing then it is always best to leave this to a professional firm that can work on your behalf and diversify your investment opportunities. Should you wish to manage funds yourself then there are plenty of online apps that can help you to do this, but be aware that this carries a high risk.


Investing in small franchise operations is a growing trend made easier with the internet. As a franchisee, you can pay to operate a business under the license and name of an already established company such as McDonald’s or KFC for example. While you don’t own the company you are granted permission to use their name and assets for your own business.

Franchises can be purchased for as little as a few thousand up to millions for larger companies and unlike investments into assets, they must be nurtured as a full-time business that requires hard work and dedication. However, even the smallest franchises can pay well if they become successful and with a success rate of 90% compared to the 15% of a new business, it just makes good sense if you have the time.