No matter what industry you work in, being productive is likely an important part of it. While you probably already know this, it’s often much easier said than done.

Being productive is about more than just being at work too, as productivity can benefit you in all areas of your life.

Life is complex and there is often so much to think about on a daily basis. It’s only natural then for your productivity to slip a little here and there. Though there are many techniques for making yourself a more productive person overall, little things can really add up, and you don’t have to tackle this issue in such a big way to see results.

Take a look at these three small ways to improve productivity.

Find Your Time

It’s natural to feel lazy if you’re not feeling motivated, or keep procrastinating when you have things to be doing.

However, it might be less about you and more about when your brain likes to work. Are you a morning person and struggle to function into the afternoon? Perhaps you’re a night owl and find you’re at your most productive at night?

Figuring out what time you work best and scheduling your most important work for this time can be one of the easiest ways to improve your productivity.

Cut The Distractions

Smartphones are so handy; they allow you to stay connected with the world and provide endless hours of entertainment.

They can be a pain as well though as they are such a distraction when trying to do other things. Turning your phone off or leaving it in the other room for a period of time while you do the things you need to do is a simple yet effective trick for staying productive.

Need your phone to work? It’s unlikely that you can’t do what you need to on a good laptop or computer. Something like Lenovo All-in-Ones can be all you need to quit your phone-checking habit while working.

Know When to Take A Break

There is really no point in making yourself work when you aren’t being productive.

Instead of sitting at your desk for 4 hours getting an hour’s work done, take a break and come back. While you may feel guilty at first, when you realize what a boost it can be for your productivity, you’ll be thanking yourself that you did it.

Taking a break tells your brain that it’s okay to slack off now and again but that when it’s time to work, it’s really time to work.

Staying productive isn’t a walk in the park. With so much to think about all the time and so many things coming at you from a number of different directions, it’s okay to not be working at your best now and again.

Improving your productivity is possible though and it’s not always about making big changes. Small habits you can truly get into can be all that you need.