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Leadership – It is that quality that can be seen in very fewer people. Be it the individual success or the success of the organization, if you don’t have a concern and efficient leader, achieving that would really be difficult.

4 Best Leadership Books Every Reader Should Read

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It is often believed that leadership is a quality that is inherited in individuals.

Many individual also believes that leadership is the trait that cannot be taught or learned by the individuals. It can be only be found naturally in a person.

However, it is true to some extent but nevertheless, a person can still try and become a successful leader.

Many times, the quality of leadership is mistaken for being bossy. The two are a very confusing state of nature. But very few people understand the minor line of difference in between the two qualities.

Being bossy is often seen to be dominated and arrogant where one forces his/her decision on another.

Leadership, on the other hand, is the quality that encourages teamwork and cooperation. It believes in taking every individual on an equal basis within the organization.

As far as the fact is concerned that the quality of leadership cannot be learned or developed, well there are a number of books that can inspire an individual to adopt the trait of a successful leader.

It is not difficult to think and act like a leader unless you are given the correct motivation and are pushed in the right direction.

Here are some of the books that can be viewed successfully in terms of making the idea of being the real leader much clearer.

These 4 books show the real meaning of leadership and thus must be read by the leaders at least once.

4 Best Leadership Books

Getting To Yes

If as a leader you want to excel the art of planning and negotiation, then this book Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury is the one for you.

The book has clearly depicted the art of negotiation and how an aspiring leader can achieve the same.

Negotiation is an essential trait of the leadership. A leader should know the art where he/she can convince his/her employees on the negotiated value.

There is no doubt that the art of negotiation becomes crucial when you are managing an entire organization. It may include hiring the employees at a negotiable salary along with making the current employees sustain with the same.

You can find the major ways and methods by which you can easily excel in the art of negotiating with your team members along with understanding their needs and requirements.

Flying Without A Net

When working as a leader, not all the situations can be in favor of us. There may be many situations that will be vulnerable during the course of leadership. Job change, not getting the favorable outcome, job loss, etc. are some of those vulnerable moments that can make even the most stable and perfect person go weak.

This is where the book Flying without a net comes into the picture. The author Thomas J. Delong has beautifully expressed such vulnerable situations in the book along with throwing light on how these situations can be handled.

Delong has worked for years doing in-depth research work about the certain causes of such vulnerable situations in the organization.

Based on his research he also can be seen encouraging the various leaders to take risks in life as he believes that the risk to change can be the essential and needed fuel for success.

One leader can never be successful if he cannot take any risk or fears to change.

First, Break All The Rules

The authors Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman have received a lot of praises for their awesome work in the book First, break all the rules.

The book which specifically talks and highlights the various instants of good and bad management is a must read for all the leaders.

The book throws light on the hidden truth that not all the successful managers follow all the mentioned and declared rules of leadership.

They believe in breaking the stereotypes and making their set of rules.

This book happens to be an answer to some of the most popular questions in leadership and management. Some of them are:

  • What do all the successful leaders do?
  • How they keep their employee’s needs satisfied?
  • How are they so profitable?
  • What do they do to keep a high percentage of customer satisfaction?

If you too want an answer to such questions then you will totally love this book as it targets all such questions and that too in the most interactive and interesting way possible.

Eat The Frog

The book Eat the frog by Brain Tracy is just unusual with its name. The book covers the best literature about the concept of productivity till date. Productivity is the unsaid need of all the business processes.

You cannot survive in the market if you are not productive or are less productive then the other competitors.

This book talks about the main concern of how the productivity can be increased and maintained in the organization.

The term eats the frog signifies that as eating a frog is one of the most difficult tasks and one must eat it to eliminate any danger to the production.

Likewise, the leaders must firstly tackle and accomplish all the difficult tasks that come in their productive way. Once the frog or difficulty is ended, the productivity will automatically increase.


Leadership is not as complicated as people think. It just demands a bit of concentration and being aware of the necessary traits for becoming the most desirable leader.

All these books will help the leaders to ensure that they are taking the right way and are moving in the right direction for becoming a successful leader.

These books will not dictate you with anything. They will just lighten up your path with their rich knowledge.