What exactly, Leadership is? This is a question with a lot of levels and not a singular answer!

Leadership Is
Webster defines Leadership in a descriptive way, i.e

  1. the office or position of a leader 
  2. capacity to lead
  3. the act or an instance of leading

(Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/leadership)

But those definitions are not grasped the other connotations, carried out by the word. At least as it used today.

Personal Approach

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I think that there are a lot of ideas and “don’t”s,  a Leader (or an everyday person, for that matter) should employ in his/hers everyday life and business.

Self- determination, of course, things he/she should or shouldn’t indulge in, etc.

For me, though, leadership is the skill, art, science, discipline of someone to:

self-directed in indented, principle-based, goals, influencing at the same time, in a positive manner, his/hers relathionships or circles (personal, friends, work, business, etc.) 

Therefore I’d like to see the term as a wrapper or a “catch-all term“, that indicates a cluster of different varied principles, such as:

  • Vision development
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Personal development and effectiveness
  • Execution discipline
  • Trust
  • Intention
  • Commitment
  • Productivity
  • (Self) Management
  • decision Making
  • Communication
  • Skill development
  • Technical proficiency

All of that, and even more perhaps, constitute aspects of what Leadership is, and everyone participates in a larger picture, we can define it, from outside, as Leadership.

Instead of define (ergo limit it in context, content, and depth) leadership, though, I would like to furnish a different approach, aloof from the “formal” path.

Leadership is the intended actions of a responsible and accountable person, in order to define, design, develop, orchestrated and carried through his life (personal and professional life) in a mode that enhance his/her life and those of around him/her.

What do you think? This description can help you in broadening your actions and thoughts, towards your goals?