A leader should always be mindful of what he/she says and does. Leadership and personal development are concepts, closely related. The one cannot exist, without the other, and vice versa.

4 words for leadership and personal development

There are many correlations, between these concepts, but one is particularly important. I’m referring to an old Arabian proverb, stating that:

Four things come not back — the spoken word, the sped arrow, the past life, and the neglected opportunity” ~ Arabian Proverb

These 4 elements are exactly the leadership traits, that in my opinion, among others, should characterize a leader and a person in our time.

Leadership and Personal Development

The leadership traits and personal features underlining from the above proverb, denote some general guidelines for someone, aspiring to influence, in a positive way, others.

More specifically, according to the proverb, a leader (or a conscious person, or a concerned citizen, or … anyone, actually) should or ought to:

  1. Take care of the words he/she utters,
  2. Use his/hers tools & resources with scarcity, intentionality, and deliberation,
  3. Contemplate his/her past life, drawing experience for action, for now, and the future,
  4. Utilize, according to his/hers principles the opportunities arise, keeping in mind that every crisis fosters two elements, namely “danger” and “opportunity”.

Traits for Leadership and Personal Development

All these four leadership traits, can support effectively the personal development of everyone and formulate an environment for everyone to evolve, cope with everyday challenges and brighten his/her environment and that of the others. And, if intentionally, incorporated into someone life would form daily habits, effective codes of contact, changes in the society as a whole.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act,  but a habit” ~ Aristotle

What do you think? is that difficult for everyone to put these elements in his/hers everyday life? Do you find difficult to capitalize on these leadership and personal development traits and use them for your benefit and that of the others?