Do you want to feel happier at your desk? Let’s face it; not many people enjoy working. The feeling of office dread can soon set in, and your desk can start to be the physical embodiment of your unhappiness. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

5 Things You Can Do To Feel Happier At Your Desk

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Sure, you could get a new job – and you should if you’re really unhappy. However, if you’re just going through the motions you should start to find ways to be happier at work, starting with your desk.

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Here are five ways to do it.

1. Have A Clear-Out

A desk space that is too cluttered and covered in the paper doesn’t make a great space. It can be difficult to do your best work when you’re surrounded by mess.

A clear-out can be great to help get rid of things that are no longer needed, as well as help you close off certain projects to make way for new ones.

Sort through each item on your desk and decide if it’s something that needs to be thrown, filed away or kept in a safe spot to work on.

You’ll instantly feel better having a clean workspace to work from.

2. Get Organised

An organized desk can help you improve the way you work and make you more productive.

There are ways to organize your desk that can help improve workflow and make it easier to get things done, while also helping to gather your thoughts more easily.

Once you’ve organized your desk to your liking, you should spend some time each week maintaining your work area (like a Monday morning or Friday afternoon) so that you don’t fall back into old habits.

3. Invest In A New Chair

A new office chair can make more of a difference to your work happiness than you know.

If you’re constantly fidgeting in your seat, have back pain or don’t feel uncomfortable with your setup, a new chair might be all you need to change that.

The ideal office chair should be supportive and fully adjustable to allow you to mold it to your needs, boosting your comfort and therefore your work happiness.

4. Personalise Your Workspace

If your mind is always focused on work, then it’s no wonder that you can feel a bit glum from time to time.

Take some time to cheer up your workspace and add some of your personality to it – you’ll be really glad you did.

This Buzzfeed article has some great workstation ideas to give you some inspiration for the types of things that you can do with your desk that don’t have to be a distraction.

Even adding some photos of your family or colorful stationery can help your workspace look and feel more like yours, making you feel more comfortable and happier with your surroundings.

5. Take A Break

It can be difficult to manage stress at work, and sometimes staying at your desk can add to the pressure.

By taking a step back from your desk and walking away for a bit, you can take some time to gather your thoughts and recharge.

While there are other things you can do to help manage your stress, it’s important that you take proper breaks from your desk to stop you becoming overloaded.

By making small changes to your desk setup, you can start to ease your work pressures and start feeling happier at work. Instead of sitting there feeling miserable, start making some changes that will help put a smile on your face.