Disk Jockeys (or DJ’s for short) have changed the view and the perception of the modern music industry, by combining and merging old and new music trends and genres and developing new ones. In order, though, DJ’s to reach in today’s state, a lot of experimentation, having been taken place, already from the 30’s (!!!), both in the expression as well as in the technology used (decks, records, tapes, CD-ROM, etc).

People's Business Cloud

Modern Business Status: An Update

Modern businesses are in an analogous state, trying to strive after an acute competitive market, with limited resources and with new models of doing business to emerge all the time.

The DJ’s [Data Jockeys or Digital Journalists] of today’s digital economy include a new generation of information led and services oriented persons, aiming at reforming (or reformatting if you like) the old model of business, and striving after the validity and effectiveness of this attempt, in financial, personal, philosophical, business and effectiveness terms.

This forwarding moving DJ’s and Decks [Digital economy’s captains of knowledge] trend includes digital journalists and bloggers, passionate hobbyists, social media marketers and managers, information and business experts, etc. all loosely organized in tribes, genders, likes and dislikes, favorite products, groups of direct or indirect influences, each one with its own special requirements, aims, products and outputs and all of which in constant interaction among them.

This activity, even so scarce, formative or not, creates today a “loosely coupledcloud network comprising by clusters of “front-line” news organizations and blogs, social networks of influence (measured by likes and dislikes), click-economies, new financial lines of credit, new strategies for management and marketing, different ways of sales, etc.

A New Business Ecosystem

This new networked ecosystem is an entirely new system, flexible, adaptable in different needs and always in a constant flow. Its limits and its margins have not yet been evaluated entirely, while new outputs are produced by this system every day either in a personal, or in a professional, or in a market, or in a community, or in society level.

But whatever the future of this trend will be, as analogous trends have done in the past, it is certain that it, in a smaller or a larger degree, would initiate a completely different set of perspectives and approaches that might lead towards a new paradigm shift, beneficial for the entire international society.

What do you think? This trend is strong enough to impose new memes and culture incentives to form new ways of living and doing business, or not? Please comment!