Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend a real-time, 1:1 demonstration of an excellent piece of software, of Act-On by Sergio De Gregorio.

Act-On - A Marketing Automation Platform

Sergio has done an excellent job, in introducing me to the basic functions of this platform, can make the marketing automation a breeze!

Marketing & Sales Processes

Marketing and sales today, is the core of many of our activities! We develop products and services, and we try to sell them in an international market environment, trying to find out the best ways for their promotions, marketing, and sales. The process is not easy, most of the times! It requires a lot of effort to make the things move to your side and especially to bring the whole process to a closure (i.e. actually make a sale)!

Marketing and sales are not always an easy job. And some of us, working to small vertical markets with limited resources, the marketing can be a very expensive process. Expensive from time, energy, knowledge, skills and resources point of view. This is the reason why we need better tools to do our job easier.

We usually do not have the necessary manpower, money or time to do all the things related to marketing and sales, for our products and services.

Usually, at the size of the companies we operate in, and under the limitations of the available budget, we try to find specialized personnel to outsource some marketing functions! Here come handy tools like the Act-On!


In cases of limited resources and personnel, tools such as the Act-On can be very useful in our day-to-day process!

What exactly Act-On is? Well, it is a lot of things. It is:

  • A marketing automation tool (it helps you to organize and manage all your marketing activities, across your available online channels and automates your repetitive tasks, simple us that!)
  • A CRM – Client Relationship Management System, integrate all the available information for your clients in a place and align them with your marketing efforts
  • An excellent email management platform for organizing and managing all your email marketing efforts
  • A lead nurturing tool permits you to convert contacts to clients
  • A list management tool, able to support the development of various lists of interest

Furthermore Act-On:

  • Provides comprehensive reports and analytics for data monitored by the system
  • Tracks and analyzes your online visitors permits you a latter contact
  • Enables you to develop focused landing pages
  • Integrates all your social media marketing efforts

Act-On has a variety of functions can be used creatively and effectively during your marketing and sales operation or for the promotion of your products and services!

As a total, it is a very interesting tool, can be utilized in the most effective way, by today companies!

Take a look at it!