Do you know what agile management is?

Agile Management
Well, the Agile methodology

turns the conventional ‘plan perfectly, get approval and then implement’ method traditional in many large and small scale projects, on its head. Its core concept is that once you understand the set of overall aims and objectives of the project, you are able to start without planning either in time or resource, all the steps of delivery. It is more of a ‘start and adjust’ model, than a fixed plan.(From Wikipedia)

Jurgen Appelo is an expert on the topic and has written a lot of papers and articles on Agile Management!

His presentation with the title “Agile Management: Leading Teams with a Complex Mind” is a source of lot information about the topic.

In this presentation Jurgen Appelo explains at length all the concepts and the procedures, make Agile Management effective, in today’s business world. Definitely, worth your time!

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