This is an “email” interview, I had the privilege Anne Samoilov, respond to.  Anne Samoilov is the creator of Fearless Launching, an online training program that teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully launch their businesses and programs. She works with online entrepreneurs, authors, and creators helping them put together amazing offerings and then launch them! You can learn more about her at her website, and grab the free launch toolkit at You can also chat with her on Facebook and Twitter too. The interview is the result, of ones of mine pet projects, to communicate and host the views of people, I considered valuable in the business and social area. Anne Samoilov, is definitely one of them,  contributing large, for a long time now,  in the area of turning your big ideas into manageable projects!  I formulate 5 questions, that I think, my readers would very much interested about and Anne had all the good will and the time to answer them. The result of this procedure presented in the post.NOTE #1 & GRATITUDE:  A very big thank you to Kristina Dedvukaj, make this interview possible. Thank you, Kristina, for all your efforts! Note #2: My questions in bold & italics, Anne’s answer is in normal.

Anne Samoilov - An Interview

Who Anne Samoilov is and how she started in the business of helping people launch their ideas in the business world?

I’ve been helping people launch projects for a long time – first producing in the animation, television, and film industries and then online. My work online started with successful online educators Laura Roeder and Marie Forleo.

My role for more than a decade is taking creative ideas, breaking them down into tasks, and finding out how to present those ideas to the right people… it’s like I was hardwired to launch.

What does it take to start or launch anything? It is something for everyone, or you need some special skills?

There are no special skills required to launch – accept this: awareness, responsibility, follow through, and perseverance…There are many people with amazing ideas, but only a small percent of those people actually get the work done. In order to get something launched, you need to be willing to do the work that’s required before you set the launch date, you have to be willing to dig and find the right audience and right ideal customer for your offer. And you have to be willing to let something go if you can’t find that audience.

What are the main factors that may determine the success or failure of a new venture or business?

Success in business comes down to you meeting a specific customer’s need. If you can find the customer and the customer can find you…AND you’re offering what they want at that moment (and then as they grow and want more things), then you’ve got a chance to succeed. That’s why learning what your ideal customer wants and then linking that to something specific you can deliver is so important. If there’s no match – there’s no sale – there’s no business.

After the launch of your special “something” ( an idea, business, service, etc.), what? How you keep up to sustain and grow your business?

Some ideas for sustaining your business…relaunch what worked once, offer something to your current customers so they can become repeat customers, and look for new ways to serve those current customers. Once people spend money with you, they have made that “is this person worth it?” decision…you have an easier time making future offers to those people…assuming they’ve had a good experience and are ready for more!

How can you effectively help people, want to launch something new?

Remind people that every time you offer something new – it’s a test, so you can’t get stuck on the things that don’t work. You need to keep moving forward, trying new things that align with your business. You shouldn’t just jump around and try to launch every single idea in your head. Focusing on one thing at a time, improving that one thing and then adding on from there…that’s also important. Always remember that launching something new doesn’t always have to be something COMPLETELY new but sometimes it can mean a different version of what you have already successfully launched.