If you are a coding whizzkid then you will be glad to hear that the app development market is bigger than it has ever been. While this means that there is more competition, it does show that consumers are still interested in downloadable purchases and with the right idea, there is money to be made.

3 Reasons You Should Jump Into App Development

Image Credit: Pixabay

Of course, you don’t have to be a coding king. If you have a great idea, build your design team and get going. All you really need to do is have a vision for how this app will offer something new and an innovative solution to a problem lots of people will be interested in.

The next best thing could be right around the corner.

Fill a Niche In App Development Market

Most businesses in the vast majority of industries intend to fulfill a problem that they see other businesses aren’t managing. It might be as simple as providing the very best customer service, but it could be something a little more unique. The app market is exactly the same and though there are plenty of Flappy Bird knockoffs about, when something different comes along it does really well.

As screens get better and people have more choice, many of the apps that do well now are enjoyed mostly for their design. This might be because they look beautiful with rich colors and satisfying designs or it might be because they can be used intuitively by anyone making them the easiest choice to go for. This is what popular dating app Tinder did to amazing effect.

Advertise to Encourage Downloads

You might have the best app on the planet but if no one knows it’s available, it won’t do very well! There are some great mobile app advertising options available that you should definitely try. You should also encourage your users to share your app. This can come in a few forms and many games offer a ‘share your result!’ offer at the end of each level.

Other games that utilize chatroom features use social media as a way for people to invite their friends to play with them and reward their players when they persuade friends to join in. Develop a strong online presence and your app will do much better.

Offer In-App Purchases

Though most apps are now free, often they only offer some of their content up front. The rest can be accessed through in-app purchases or monthly subscriptions which is how these companies make their money. Games are, again, a good place to look for money making as they offer other types of in-app purchases that allow people to progress through the game faster. Sim games like HayDay made by Supercell have been particularly successful in this way offering all sorts of regular offers to their players with timers attached to encourage impulse buying.

But the app world isn’t just about games. There are apps for dating, cooking, learning, getting fit, managing your bills, switching lights off in your house, watching movies, reading the news… the app world has opened right up since its first inception and now any idea could turn out to be the next best app.