Meetings are usually stressful. Whether you need to communicate your idea and convince your superiors, to discuss delicate details regarding future collaboration and agreements, or to attract new clients, you have to make a good impression and do your best. However, no matter how well did you do your homework and gear up for the meeting, not rarely can still something go wrong.  In that case, following situations will probably ring you a bell.

Apps You’ll Need To A Meeting

I need to check on it, I’ll get back to you soon

Before: All necessary documents – checked. Awesome presentations – checked. Questions – um huuum. I need to check on it. While you nervously fumble through your papers, it occurs to you that the information you’re looking for is stored on your desktop computer, unfortunately far away, out of your reach. It’s so embarrassing that you’re sweating and turning red. In the end, you have to apologize for not having the right information at hand and that you’ll get back as soon as you check it out.

After: You elegantly take out your iPhone and open VNC Viewer app that provides you remote access to your Mac, Windows or Linux computer. You find the answer to the question and even corroborate directly your affirmations. As a result, your clients have blown away with your readiness and competency. You gained their trust and close the deal. You leave the meeting smiling.

I didn’t get that…

Before: Sometimes a meeting can last forever. Even though you are trying to catch everything and write down important facts, you somehow miss something. OK, you ask: “Can you repeat that, please?” After a while, you ask again, but for the third time, it’s a little bit too much. And what happens in the end – you lose a valuable piece of information that you’ll need later for your report, reference or another purpose. Then you’ll lose your precious time back in the office searching for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Now: Once the meeting starts, you turn on Voice Recorder app which will record the entire presentation. In that way, you focus on more important things, the speech itself, and pay attention more carefully. Besides, you even take part in the discussion and participate actively. As a result, you impress your interlocutors with your interest and enthusiasm. It doesn’t hurt to network a little bit every time you have a chance, right?

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Houston, we have a problem

Before: You are pitching a new client. The first impression is very important. That’s why you prepared all statistics, evaluations, and proposals. However, your co-worker gives you additional data that should be included in your report, too. You are about to go, who has time to retype the whole document and add necessary information? OK, you can tell that part in person, but it will turn out that you came unprepared at the meeting. Houston, we have a problem.

After: Take your iPhone and with help of PDF to Word Converter smoothly convert the PDF file in question into editable Word document. Then just quickly add needed data and once you finish save it as a professional PDF document. And you are ready to go and to wow a new client, self-confidently because nothing can surprise you. Houston, we have a solution.

One picture says 1000 words

Before: In the meeting, you are in the middle of a discussion trying to make your point. You are getting tired and devastated when words aren’t enough. Maybe they will change their mind if I draw a sketch of my idea? Then, the whole concept would be clearer and more understandable. As it is said: a picture says a thousand words.If only I had a whiteboard… Hmm, you could use a simple paper, but it looks so unprofessional and desperate.

Now: Pull out your iPhone with OmniGraffle app that enables you to have a mobile whiteboard, always by your side. Create a diagram, chart, graphic design or whatever you need to communicate information, even though you’re not a Picasso. With this professional attitude and visual presentation, you’ll definitely score some extra points and clients will eat out of your hand.

Is there any other app you use as an indispensable secret weapon for you successful meetings?