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Talent hunting isn’t going to become easier anytime soon. As candidate pools are shrinking and organizations compete for talent, sourcing and engaging talented employees will become key to the survival of any business. If you’re on the lookout for quality hires, this is the right moment to revamp your recruiting strategy.

How To Attract Top Talent To Your Business

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Here are 10 smart tactics to help you recruit the best talent and take your organization to the next level thanks to their creativity and expertise.

1. Use Video For Recruiting

Video is a strong trend in recruiting today. Sure, video applications from candidates aren’t revolutionary, but more recruiters than ever choose to integrate video into their interviewing process.

Futurestep revealed in a recruiter survey that 71% use real-time video for interviewing candidates. Moreover, a half of respondents admitted that they recorded video interviews and used these recordings in the screening process.

Interviewing candidates live is a costly affair. If you’ve been wondering whether investing in video interviewing software makes sense, here’s a good point: it helps to reduce interviewing budgets and boosts your reach to candidates who aren’t based locally.

Video interviewing allows to break geographic barriers and deal with financial limitations – both of which are factors that limit sourcing and engaging with talented candidates.

2. Involve Employees In Building Your Employer Brand

It’s amazing how often organizations forget that they’ve got the best employer brand ambassadors right under their wings. Your employees can become a real factor in attracting talents to your company. It’s simple – your existing talent is bound to pick the interest of highly-qualified candidates who are looking for great work environments.

Talents like to work with other talents. That’s how they can bring amazing projects to life.

Share employee testimonials which state why they like working at your company. Offer some anecdotes and feedback as well. Whatever they say will be far more believable than the most persuasive marketing copy.

Candidates are always curious to learn more about your culture, and current employees are the best source of this information. Ask members of your staff to write such testimonials and post them on social media. Share them on your profile as well, this is how you build a strong employer brand.

3. Showcase Your Company Culture

A focus on company culture in your communications with potential candidates helps to bring to light everything that’s really special about your organization.

Choose a variety of formats to show candidates why working at your company is exciting and fun.

You can make a behind-the-scenes video that shows a day in company life or create photographic stories that cover employee activities. Try to show what the office looks like, what employees are wearing and how they interact with each other. That’s the best way to communicate your company culture.

Potential candidates also want to know what really matters to the company.

Talents like to work in organizations with an impeccable reputation that is linked to innovation, sustainability, and other core values. Building a strong employer brand and showcasing your culture will help stand out from the crowd and attract talents to your doorstep.

4. Expand Your Candidate Pool

If you’re struggling to find the right candidates, try broadening your candidate search criteria to include people who might not be perfect matches, but who have immense talent to offer.

Don’t forget that the current communication technologies allow hiring full-time off-site employees who are just as talented as the on-site staff. This is especially important if you’re located in a competitive hiring market.

Looking for talent in less competitive areas is a smart move. Adapt your practice to these new technologies to ensure that you’re not missing out on experts in your field just because of your location.

5. Be Present On Social Media

Social recruiting is all the rage right now. A recent survey from Jobvite demonstrated that 73% of recruiters hire candidates from social media.

Direct interaction with candidate pools provides you with plenty of opportunities for engaging talent.

You can boost your employer brand, analyze your candidate pool, and build your position in the industry. As a result, once you start hiring, you’ll have a set of pipelined candidates at your disposal, practically waiting for the right opportunity to open up.

6. Engage Passive Job Seekers

It’s clear that top talents are usually passive job seekers.

Don’t expect them to ever engage with your offer as much as candidates who are actively looking for a job. Recruiters who address passive job seekers open up an entirely new audience that was previously inaccessible.

Passive candidate engagement is best done on social media – not only LinkedIn but also Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms which are relevant to your target.

Do your best to keep tabs on the professional communities and spot members who are most active and engaged. List these people and make direct approach once a vacancy opens up.

7. Manage Talent

Developing a talent pool of workers isn’t easy.

That’s why it’s a good idea to have a talent manager on board, who develops and realizes a long-term hiring vision. They’ll be able to engage professionals who might become great hires in the future.

A talent manager is also responsible for picking up on key market trends that help to further engage candidates and position organizations on the leading edge of their industries.

8. Offer Plenty Of Feedback

Candidates often don’t hear back from prospective employers after the recruiting process comes to a close. This is a mistake – many of these talents won’t reapply next time an opportunity opens at your company.

Create a template for this type of communication and be sure to get in touch with all candidates who applied for the position. Don’t keep them hanging – be clear and show your organization in a positive light.

9. Benefit From Internal Referrals

Launch a reward scheme to incentivize employees for referring potential candidates.

Internal referrals are a great source of talent, and you can be sure that candidates who knock on your door will fit your company culture.

But you need an incentive. Build a reward system and employees will be motivated to share their contacts with you.

10. Build The Right Environment

Talents require a working environment which offers multiple benefits and provides them with opportunities for moving up the ladder while retaining a satisfying work-life balance.

That’s why you should strive to create a company structure that encourages talent. Once established, this type of culture will become your selling point, attracting plenty of talented hires to your offer.

Have a look at platforms like Gumtree to see listings posted by companies who know how to showcase their talent-driven culture.

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Key Takeaway

Attracting talent is challenging, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Your organization can thrive with the help of talented employees, so invest your resources in developing a strong employer brand and communicating your company culture.

You’ll be rewarded with a stream of talents arriving at your doorstep.

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