Most people wouldn’t consider farming a particularly dangerous profession but there is a big risk of injury because you’re often using large machinery which, if damaged or not operated properly, can be incredibly dangerous.

Avoiding Health And Safety Mishaps In The Agricultural Industry

Image Source: Pixabay

Getting injured will put you out of work for a long time which, if there are only a couple of you working on the farm, could seriously affect your income.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re using all of your agricultural equipment safely. Here are some great tips to help you avoid accidents.

Read The Manual

Any new piece of machinery that you buy will come with a manual on how to operate it properly and what safety measures you need to take.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t bother reading it before they get stuck in and start using the new machine.

Even if it’s similar to something you’ve used before and you think you already know what you’re doing, there are always going to be differences. Before doing anything, read through the manual so you know exactly how to use it safely.

Maintain Machinery Properly

This is the most important thing because the majority of injuries happen when an older machine that hasn’t been maintained properly breaks in some way.

You need to make sure you’re doing regular maintenance on all of your equipment, paying special attention to any moving parts that might wear down.

Replace spherical roller bearings for mining and construction machinery on a regular basis so everything continues to run smoothly and make sure you’re using lubricant on any moving parts to avoid any wear that eventually leads to breakages.

Cleaning machines properly are vital as well because any dirt and grit that gets inside the moving parts will cause them to lock up and break.

Always clean down equipment after every use and try to store them in a clean environment where possible.

Where The Correct Safety Clothing

Health and safety laws can often seem a bit excessive and it’s tempting to just ignore them, but they are there for a reason.

Safety clothing guidelines exist to protect you from getting cuts or burns etc. from dangerous machinery which is why you should always follow those guidelines and wear the recommended clothing any time you’re using dangerous equipment.

Use The Right Number Of People

Some equipment will recommend that you operate it with two or three people, not just on your own.

You might think that this is a bit extreme and you can operate the equipment on your own. But most of the time, that recommendation isn’t there because it’s not possible to operate the machine with one person.

It’s there because it isn’t safe to operate it with one person. You need others to ensure that you don’t injure yourself.

No matter how experienced you are and how easy you think it’ll be to operate equipment on your own, you should never ignore the recommendations on how many people are needed to safely use that machine.

If you don’t take the necessary measures to maintain and operate machinery safely, you’ll end up getting injured.