If you are one of the select few that have stepped away from the secure and stable world of work to launch your own business venture, then you should be congratulated. To take the courageous choice to turn your back on a good wage, outstanding promotion prospects and strong working relationships to embark on your dream of turning a business idea into a money-making reality is brave and shows steel and determination. However, when you do veer onto a new professional path, it can be all too easy to get caught up in the tedious day to day tasks that come with running a business.

The Importance Of Not Becoming Deskilled When Running Your Own Business

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You will now become the admin bod, the IT troubleshooter and the CEO all rolled into one. It’s important not to forget your own professional development to prevent yourself from becoming deskilled.

Read And Write

As a business leader, you need to lead by example so you should be knowledgeable about your field. As progress is made within your sector, processes become more streamlined, and new methodologies and ways of working are implemented you need to ensure that you remain at the forefront of these new initiatives with the expertise to back it up.

It’s vital that you have a subscription to a market leading magazine like the ones found at ceo.com and partake in a little bedtime reading.

It would be even better if you could write an article or two for this magazine passing on your knowledge to the individuals who work within your sector.

Your contributions may gain recognition and see you develop into a leading figure in your field.

Business Leadership - Read and Write

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Attend Conferences And Courses

In recent years the cost of industry-specific courses and conferences have shot through the roof. However, it’s still imperative that you make time to show your face at a couple of these a year.

Conferences give you an opportunity to network and seek new professional relationships as well as build upon your continuing professional development. If funding is a little tight, it may pay to head to a site like businessloans.co and seek their advice on the most appropriate loan for your situation.

They assess the types of loans on the market in 2017 and advise on the documentation you need to have in order when applying. Investing in yourself can be one of the best ways to utilize some of the cash accessible within the business.

Business Leadership - Mentor

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Locate A Mentor

Strong leaders never show arrogance in thinking that they have nothing left to learn. By finding a mentor, you can shadow another expert in your field and use their advice should you need to seek it for a work situation.

Finding a mentor or a coach shouldn’t be too difficult. Think about the jobs you’ve had in the past and make contact with one or two of your colleagues who have inspired you.

To ask them to be your mentor is the ultimate flattery and it would be very rare for them to pass up a chance to impart their knowledge on an enthusiastic and willing individual.

To be the best business leader you can be, you need to retain skilled and knowledgeable. Follow these tips to ensure you make the most of your continuing professional development.