As a consultant, you’re used to dealing with all kinds of clients and offering an expanding set of services based on their requirements. Indeed, the list of services is likely to change over time as your knowledge expands and appreciate the needs of your clients more.

Best Web Hosting For Busy Consultants

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What busy consultants need from a web hosting company is a little different to other professionals. Let’s find out what’s recommended for them.

Easy Publishing & Page Editing Options

The average consultant runs their small consultancy business but doesn’t have a dedicated IT personnel on staff. When it comes to the web hosting for their website presence, they’re largely on their own. Not every consultant is tech-savvy either which makes it even more challenging at first.

For consultants who need to prepare and publish their own content, make edits to existing content to correct mistakes, add a relevant photo or update a story, the key attribute they require is ease of use. When the editing interface is too cumbersome, they may get confused and find the site too challenging to manage.

Use WordPress As The Content Management System

When a website arrives, it’s bare. Unless the consultant wishes to hire someone to create a website from scratch, they’ll need a content management system (CMS). The CMS creates a structure and allows themes (pre-made website designs) to be loaded onto the site in mere seconds. Different designs can be tried out to see which suits the consultancy business the best.

WordPress also comes with its own standardized editor, so once they’re used to using it, managing the content on a second WordPress site works the same way. This level of standardization is useful for consultants who will become involved with multiple businesses over the years.

24/7 Access To Support

The busy consultant needs to resolve any website issues quickly. Getting a member of their host’s support team up on live chat or a real human being on the phone late in the evening is useful when an urgent website problem has arisen.

Some support teams have been outsourced to foreign countries where the level of support is variable. In other cases, they either have highly-technical people who cannot speak in non-technical terms or salespeople masquerading as technical support staff who really aren’t much help.

Web hosts live and die by their support personnel. They’re the unsung heroes of the web hosting world. Only when calling them is it discovered that the wrong web host was chosen.

Choosing the right web host with top quality support is vital to avoid wasting time for hours trying to resolve an issue where the consultant is talking in layperson’s terms and the support team are using web hosting jargon left and right.

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Consultants who are rushed off their feet don’t have time to fuss around with the web hosting for their site. They need good uptime reliability and to know that their site loads fast. Most other bells and whistles aren’t necessary unless their site gets super busy.