In today’s market, it is not always easy to find a reliable hosting solution for your WordPress blog (Affiliate link)! But it is essential. Here are the 10+1 best WordPress hosting solutions which can help and promote your business, today!

The 10+1 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions For Your Business Today!

In the modern digital market, having an operational and functional blog is an integral part of your online presence (and business)!

Your brand depends on how reliable and well designed your blog is along to the wealth of information it should provide to your audience.

A small delay, an error message, a slow load of a page, etc. are all signals for a poor design of your site, low conversion rates and enlarged numbers of people never return to your site.

This exactly is the reason you need the best possible WordPress Hosting Solution money can buy, a plan which will be affordable, effective and help your agency looks good!

At the following sections, I have collected the 10 best WordPress Hosting Plans I believe can satisfy even the most demanding agencies.

I have selected the majority of these hosting solutions (with the exception of Rainmaker Digital which is a completely different animal as you will see below) based on 3 basic criteria:

  1. Affordability. I select the following companies based on the premise that it should be a WordPress hosting company which can host the site/blog of a small to medium company at affordable prices and operation rates. Certainly, there are many more solutions (some of them even more reliable from those described here) but I’d like to present only the hosting solutions which could be used from a solopreneur to medium-sized companies.
  2. Effectiveness. This is a self-obvious criterion of course, but I’d like to present companies and hosting solutions that would be reliable, effective and up-to-date! This means a reliable infrastructure, a collection of various business and design facilities (i.e. templates, ready-made sets of plugins and widgets, etc.) and usability options can help you operate at the best of your capabilities.
  3. Ease of Installation, Operation, and Maintenance. Of course, I’d like to include in my list the solutions can be easily implemented by technology-savvy operators and ordinary internet operators rather than IT experts.

Bellow, you will find my list of the 10+1 best WordPress hosting solutions for your business I manage to find out!


Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - GoDaddy

It would be fair to say that GoDaddy (affiliate link) is my first choice for my WordPress sites. Most of my sites are hosted in GoDaddy today, not only because it is an excellent service but also because provides many services in a simple operation manner, at a low price, and with a superb customer support facilities. I highly recommended for small business and first-time entrepreneurs!

2. VIP WordPress

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - VIP WordPress

An excellent managed cloud platform can satisfy the most of the requirements of a large company as far as its site concerns. It provides cloud hosting, excellent support, thorough guidance and a total solution customized to your own needs. Tim Ferriss trust it explicitly!


Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - WPEngine

A top-ranked hosting solution with many specialized options for your online business. The service has been focused on WordPress optimization and for this reason, it is one of the best services around as far as WordPress and online business concerns. It worth your attention even though is not so affordable as other solutions examined here!


Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - Inmotion

INMOTION HOSTING provides a range of services starting from new business owners to heavy duty companies! WordPress comes pre-installed and you can operate it as soon as possible.


Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - HostGator

An excellent WordPress hosting solution for business provides a wide range of services for new business owners and IT experts alike. Hostgator provides CPanel facilities, one-click install of WordPress (and other applications) and a huge number of templates to use! It is an excellent choice for first time WordPress operators.

6. SiteGround

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - SiteGround

SiteGround provides unique WordPress hosting solutions focused on speed and security! It provides many facilities as the 1-click installer, auto updates, SuperCacher, WordPress staging, and many more. Certainly worth your attention.


Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best hosting solutions around for WordPress and the only one WordPress actually suggest. Bluehost provides 1-click WordPress installation 24/7 support, scalability and enhanced cPanel for management. If WordPress is your selection, Bluehost might be your solution. Check it out!


Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - DreamHost

Dreamhost is another inexpensive solution for your WordPress business. It provides various services for every online business owner, including, 1-click WordPress installations, 24/7 support, no limits on traffic, storage, and websites, email addresses, free SSL, etc. Defiantly one solution you should look at!

9. iPage

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - iPage

iPage is a web hosting and domain registration company owned by the Endurance International Group. It provides many services including free domain name, application and WordPress installation, free email services, website builder, etc.

10. JustHost

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - JustHost

JustHost is another web hosting solution for the WordPress professionals. Provides a cluster of services for up and running quickly your website! Among the most important features of JustHost is the many integrations and add-ons it provides, good security schemes, script library for WordPress and many other applications, as well as a free domain name. It is a solution you should consider when a WordPress easy setup and running is your business!

11. Rainmaker Digital

Best WordPress Hosting Solutions - Rainmaker Digital

Technically Rainmaker is not a hosting solution. Nor a hosting provider for that matter. Rainmaker is an integrated marketing solution covering all the aspects of setup and running a successful online business. It comprises of a sum of services and technologies (WordPress is one of them) to facilitate hosting, marketing, sales and promotion of any brand or agency. If you are an entrepreneur or an online business person, or a consultant, then Rainmaker is a solution you should definitely consider.

An additional service can accommodate your WordPress requirements is Kinsta. Kinsta also provides quality fully managed WordPress services along with SSL & CDN services in affordable prices! Take a look as well before you decide your preferable solution!

Question: What’s your hosting solution? Does it help you to distribute your message to your audience and enhance your reach or not?