This is a guest post by Melisa Marzett, an experienced writer in the fields of leadership, psychology, and management. You can look through her blog at: and will surely find it interesting as long as it concerns important issues. Have fun getting to know new stuff with Melisa and enjoy her wonderful writing skills! Today she is focusing on the effects of the light to your office.

Bringing light to your office is not an easy issue. Light is one of the major issues for everyone, as Goethe’s last words, (metaphorically) signify! The majority of the employees spends at least eight hours in the office every day. The atmosphere and the conditions in the office influence not only mood, physical state and the loyalty of employees. Recent studies have proven that lighting plays a key role in the establishment of a working atmosphere, and the use of correct lighting solutions noticeably increases productivity.
Try to use these few tricks and make your office comfortable and workers productive using lighting and the result will be noticeable quite soon.

Trick #1. Use A Differentiated Approach In Designing Different Lighting Zones In The Office

The scheme of lighting in the office depends on many factors: the scope of the company, office planning and the planning of its zones, average age of the employees, daylight duration, climate and so on.

It is important to pay attention to the types and purpose of working zones you have in the office. For example, the lighting of the reception area is the face of the company. It can help to create the desired image of the company and a good mood among employees.

As a rule, there is no natural daylight in the corridors, stairways of the office building. Ceiling and wall lamps can make these rooms safer and more comfortable.

Dynamic lighting reflecting the sunrise and sunset will help to add energy and resist seasonal depression in autumn and winter. This effect is made due to changes in light intensity and color temperature.

If your company has three meeting rooms and at different times they are used for different purposes, you should install a lighting control system, programmed for three different scenarios.

Trick #2. Provide Excellent Lighting For Working Areas Of Your Employees

Reasonable lightning of workplaces does not only provide good visibility but also increases productivity, helps people to work faster and reduces errors.

Employees need a combination of energy and calm atmosphere, thus, it’s good if you can provide them with bright though not too glare, energetic but not exhausting lightning.

Cold, bright lamps located not only on the ceiling but also on the wall at eye level, are really suitable for intensive work. Such lightning helps to focus, especially when you need to solve critical issues and met a tight schedule. If the lighting scheme is capable to change the color starting from warm yellow finishing with a cold white light, it can increase levels of the hormone cortisol, which allows employees to feel cheerful and active. Therefore, dynamic lighting is the best solution for the office area.

Dynamic lighting allows you to smoothly change the brightness and color temperature of light. The effectiveness of dynamic lighting has been proven in a research. In 2010 the group of scientists has found that the ability to modify the lighting level is beneficial to the psychological climate in the office. After installing of dynamic lighting 91% of employees reported an increase in productivity.

Trick #3. Use A Creative Approach In Lightning Working Areas For Creative Work

In many offices there exist areas for team or group work (brainstorms, meetings, conferences or briefings). The meeting will be much more efficient if you set up the lighting in accordance with the theme of the event.

Warm light will help to generate creative ideas during brainstorming. Bright cold light is perfect for working areas where great concentration on working process is required.

Recreation zones are made for informal communication between the employees. Having a rest in these special rooms helps employees to make the process of work more comfortable these rooms are favorable for creative work. Muted white light is most favorable for these rooms. It is possible to use both spotlighting and diffused light. Light accents on the sofas and tables will aesthetically fit the design. Dynamic effects with the changing colors create an environment that will inspire further work.
Using these tips to improve the working conditions of your employees will certainly lead to the increase in the efficiency of your business and to improve your authority in the eyes of customers and partners.

Question: Do you think, you can bring light to your office?