Today business tries to comply constantly with the changes in the economic, market and financial environment and compensates accordingly. One way to do that, especially for large business, in an effective and cost productive manner, is the e-Learning.

#271 eLearning (e-Learning)

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e-Learning may be a unique proposition for enabling small and large corporations to provide new tools, skills, attitudes, approaches, and methodologies to a large audience (either employees or clients) in a limited time, with accuracy and consistency.

In order, though, the e-Learning as a principle and a practice to do that, and to deliver the intended results, a business e-learning solution cannot be viewed as a just-in-time or impromptu operation. Instead, it should be incorporated into the overall strategy of an organization and aligned with the goals of this organization.

e-Learning is both a knowledge management and a human resources procedure and should be placed within the organizational chart of an organization as an equal and valid method for the human capital upgrading, as the traditional learning procedures are today.

For this reason, the business e-Learning should always be derived from the training strategy of an organization, and follow closely the incentives for the acquirement of the new skills in that organization (like position or salary improvement, etc.). In an operation like that, e-Learning cannot be seen as a function totally alienated from the day-to-day business but should be rather considered as a vital part of the human resources strategy.

This approach, if combined with similar efforts in a business environment (like mentoring, coaching, just-in-time training, etc.), may guarantee all the desirable results, intended by its adoption (i.e. quality training procedures, towards large audiences in a limited time) and remove the initial obstacles that may arise during its implementation.

What do you think? e-Learning can assist today’s business in leverage many of their advantages towards the new competitive environment, or not?